Tuesday, 18 September 2007


I'm at school now.

I'm sitting next to a guy with pretty much no hair who's playing 'Stick man ninjas'...sounds fun, huh. On the other side of me there is a guy who I may have to kill, or at least have severely injured, by somebody else of course. Maybe he'll get the message and just kill himself for me.

There's this completely pointless thing we've had to do at school, I may have mentioned it before. It's called an Active Citizenship Project (ACP). I'm not even going to explain what it involves, the point is, it's completely pointless and I haven't done it even though it was in for last Easter :).

The citizenship department (citizenship is compulsory GCSE at my school) have finally 'put their foot down' and decided that instead of letting me fail a subject that isn't going to get me anywhere in life, to keep me back after school for an hour and a half every monday and tuesday until I've finished it. So I'm gonna be going for a very long time.

AHHH the bell g2g bye xxxx explain more soon


Sunday, 16 September 2007

Ally Courts

Ally Courts, a place with a park, a few benches and a basketball court near where I live. Over the summer holidays we've been there almost every night with like 20 people. Sad, I know, but seeing as I've been banned from hosting parties forevermore due to a broken door and an empty liquor cupboard, and no one else likes having parties, it's either Ally courts or a quiet night at home eating biscuits and watching whatever happens to be on tv at that particular time. Anyway, me and quite a few people were at Alley courts on friday night, I got quite tipsy off a few beers (i say a few...), it started off really fun, and i was in a really good mood.

Then, one by one, my recent flingees (people I had had flings with recently, I'm rather proud of the word...) turned up. First it was Dino, which was fine because he hangs around with my group anyway so it's never really awkward between us anymore, in fact, at a party last Saturday we actually had a conversation about the whole thing really openly.

Second, DJ turned up, and I really wasn't expecting HIM to show because he had told me he was going to LONDON for the whole weekend...maybe he has parents similar to mine who love to change plans at the last minute, even though their teenage son/daughter might have extremely important plans which involve the opposite sex. They had changed their mind and decided not to go until the next day (even though HE told me that it was HIS decision not to go because he wanted to see me, and that, I highly doubt). It was quite awkward between Dino and DJ because they both knew from gossip that I had made out with both of them in the same week (god I seeerrriously hope that NO ONE I know apart from my family EVER read this blog) so they didn't speak very much.

Then, FINALLY, Curly showed up (remember? the guy I've known for 6 years who kissed me a week before...). I really cannot begin to tell you how awkward it was. Actually, I can. It was very very awkward indeed, in fact, I may have to go and get a glass of water before I carry on writing.

Back. Okay...I'll carry on. There was one point where Curly, Dino AND DJ were all sitting on the bench and me and two of my friends were sitting on the floor. They were all looking at each other really strangely.

To break the awkwardness I said that I needed the loo. So DJ said he'd walk me to the nearby Chinese restaurant. On the way back, we kissed. Then I had another beer when we got back to Ally courts.
By now I was starting to feel quite tipsy. Curly asked if he could talk to me, and me being a complete idiot, DID. We went and sat at the far corner of the basketball court. He asked me how I felt about DJ and I said that I liked him for a bit, but that now I've kind of gone off him (usually I wouldn't tell him anything like that, but being in the state of mind that I was...). He then asked me how I felt about him, and then kissed me, and I felt obliged to kiss him back. Then someone in the year below who just happened to be there (I think she fancies Curly) came over and dragged him off. So then I went to join the circle that DJ just happened to be in. We had a conversation but I forgot what it was about, and then him and his friend Yaw walked me home...and I kissed DJ...again.

When I got home my parents had just had some friends around for cocktails (my mum recently got a cocktail making kit for her b-day and is now obsessed for making them for people), so we just chilled watching the room spin for a bit then I went to bed.

The next morning I was very regretfull of my deeds. But oh well, as I said in my previous post; I am, after all, only 15.

I'm going to make my mum read this now to see if it's suitable for publishing on my blog.



Thursday, 13 September 2007

Things have changed.

Sorry to break it to you, but I am, again, onto someone else.

In fact, I have been through 2 people since I last blogged. Funny, isn't it.

I've decided to start aiming my blogs at you, Oscar, because you are the only person who seems to be reading it apart from my mum, who I tell these things anyway.

I'm writing from school cause im bored, so I can't actually write down anything too personal because I am currently sitting next to a guy who wishes our music teacher would get hit by a bus (I strongly agree with him) and another guy with ginger hair who plans to dye it bright pink or black. I voted for black, but it's likely that he'll be more of a rebel and go for pink. the ginger guy is BUFF. (you may have guessed that the last bit was writen by Ginger guy.)

Okay, so I've mostly gone off Dino, because I met someone else called...I really cannot think of a name for him, his real name is strange enough. Lets caall him DJ, thats nis nickname.
So I met DJ at a party and we exchanged phone numbers, I started to really like him, and we kissed and stuff on various occasions. But then last week, another guy who I've known for about 6 years just randomly kissed me. I think I'll call him Curly. So, Curly is the name of the guy who I've known 6 years, who kissed me. :)

And then the other day, yesterday in fact, we were talking on MSN, and he told me that he liked me.

I'm still not sure weather I like him, but what's strange, is that I met up with DJ at the beginning of the week, and I just suddenly went off him. And I haven't got a clue why. Oh well, I'm only 15. (I'm 15 now btw, not 14, 15.).

Im very much looking forward to coming to mexico, even if it DOES mean I have to take a WHOLE week off school, and miss the whole half term, and the day after I get home, I start my work experience.

But at least this time, I've been given a chance to tell my friends I'm going, rather than just being packed into a bag and shoved on a plane with no clue about whats happening to me and if I'll ever see my house again.
Hopefully, I'll have a lot to moan about there, that'll make my parents nice and cranky :) I'll be fine as long as I have a few pina coladas.

Hope I get to see you in Mexico, I can't remember if I've actually met you or not, I think I may have, when I was about 7. Meh, I'll ask my mum.

Oh god, got to make a flyer about downloading tunes...or something.

MMG xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx