Sunday, 28 October 2007

Biggest joke of my life...

What? Why haven't I got any comments?! Do I really have only one reader? (myself).

Well...I'm back from Mexico, it wasn't too bad considering I had to spend compulsory time with my parents and maniac of a sister 24/7. I got a tan, in fact, here back in England, I feel rather a fluorescent shade of orange. Should I be proud? Or worried?
Unfortunately, I didn't feel the courage (and I have way too much dignity...) to roam around the beaches wearing no bikini top, so I am fairly white around that area. So I'm thinking ultimate usage of my Johnson's gradual tanning lotion thing (just in that area)...but also, I'm thinking maybe not...

Nothing too amazing happened. In fact, nothing. The only memorable thing which I found veir funny at the time was an incident in a posh Mall in Cancun called 'Luxury Avenue'.
Mum, my maniac sister and I were walking around the upstairs of the Mall (is it called a mall? Should I be allowed to refer to it as a Mall seeing as I am in fact English? My mum seems to think it's acceptable, so I may as well go ahead) looking for my sister's 'Mystico' (or whatever that wrestling guy is called...) mask which she had so cleverly lost. I walked past this boy (I say boy, because he looked about 13 or maybe younger, although, boys in my year tend to look about 12 when half of them are 16) and obviously I made flirty eye contact with him, as I always do, it's good practice. Anyway, I made flirty eye contact with him, and he stopped and properly looked my up and down. When I say properly, I don't mean he did it slyly, because he didn't.
Then I carried on walking for about 20 seconds and looked around (as you do) to see if he was still looking. He was. But now he had multiplied. He was standing with another guy, who looked just a bit older than me (i'm 15) so he must've been like 17 or something, and they were BOTH standing still looking at me.
We were about to go down the esculator because we could see my dad and this random guy my mum knows downstairs waving my sister's mask around (she must have given it to my dad without realizing). So we began down the esculator and I noticed the boys coming to the bar just over the esculator and watching me go down. When I had got downstairs, they moved onto the bridge that hung over the bottom floor from the top floor, and they were just stood, leaning over the bars on the bridge watching me still. I found this hilarious and imediately smiled up at the boys. But I didn't manage to see their reaction because my sister had bitten my finger.
We went into this posh resturaunt for cakes and coffee (I didn't eat or drink anything cause I had been feeling ill a few nights ago) and they, of course, followed me up to the resturaunt and looked through the window. I laughed at them and they laughed back (I don't think they realized that I was laughing AT them rather than with them, but you never know, there could have been something they found funny about ME. There wasn't, I've just decided.).
We went quite deep into the resturaunt and I couldnt really see them anymore. Then about 2 minutes later, they had come around to the front window (the window outside) and were looking at me from there. If I hadn't been with my parent's I would have gone to speak to them...this is assuming they speak english...But instead, I smiled politely and stuck my finger up at them =].
This made them wave and go away. I agree. Biggest joke of MMG's life.

What is it with me?

Is there something funny about me?

Or do boys really have nothing better to do than stalk girls?

Why do guys have to be so confusing and unopen...then again, I met a guy recently who was very open indeed, kind of like me. But this led to more confusion and a very tense situation. But that, my readers (if you haven't all died) is another story. A story which I will not be blogging.

I wish all guys could be as open as him, it would make life SO much easier for me. Although, without the confusion of guys, I would have no material for this blog. (not that it would matter, seeing as I have no proof of readers anymore). So guess it's a good thing for some guys to be unopen. Maybe I should try being less open, it might make the guys I actually want a relationship with want a relationship with me.

Not gonna happen.

Huh, this has somewhat depressed me. And I'm writing like a robot today, what has come over me? I've been away from my friends for too long...I need to spend another few days with them before I return to my normal boring self.

Life's been fun, but I think it's time for me to start taking my schoolwork seriously (it's not, but I think I'll give it a go anyway).


(story of the pimps and hos party is still in my mind...saving it for next post)

Thursday, 11 October 2007

I need to Choose my friends more carefully...

I am angry as F***. I'm talking to the ginger guy (I may have mentioned him before...) in ICT.

My BEST FRIEND, Z, is flirting her bony arse off with Fred, she knows how much I like him, but STILL she flirts with him, kisses him on the cheek and walks around with her arm around him.

I wouldn't mind AS much if first of all, she didnt check that I was watching her every 5 minutes and if she didn't have a reputation of being able to get ANY guy to like her whenever she wants.

(The Ginger guy has just asked for a name...requested the name Oel. Crap, isn't it?)

To be honest, I've ruined her life twice, I can do it again, and she's told me that I am very intimidating when I don't like her. And when she doesn't like me...I'm never bothered. Me and Shar have been talking about her lately anyway, she's pissing us off...

This morning on the way to school she asked me if I still liked Fred.
Here's how the conversation went:

Z: you still like Fred or have you got a new play thing?
Me: Z, he wasn't and still isn't a play thing, I genuinly liked him, and yeah I still do. Why?
Z: Yeah I'm starting to like him too (laughs)
Me: It's not funny. Do you think he still likes me?
Z: Haha, sorry. I dunno, I'll ask him. Do you think we're gonna be late?
Me: Shut up. Please ask him and tell me what he says, if he doesn't still feel the same then it will be easier for me to find someone else.
Z: Yeah okay.

(Long silence)

Z: I think he might be starting to like me...but I dunno.

(BITCH BITCH BITCH!!! You just DONT say things like that 2 days after your best friend has broken up with them!)

Me:.......What makes you think that?
Z: I duno. God I can't wait till friday.
Me: Me neither.
Z: Would you mind if I got off with Fred.
Me: Yes.
Z: really?
Me: No. To be honest, you'll probaly get off with him anyway, it's a pimps and ho party...WE'LL probaly get off...
Z: We actually will though...
Me: No we wont, I was joking.
Z: Haha, i know...

And thats how it went. She is being SUCH a bitch at the moment. Oel has offered to kill her, but me and Z have been best friends for like 2 years, so that would just be harsh.

If she carries on doing this tomorrow at school, then I'll go up to her and confront her.

Oh no. I want to go to G-town and relax...but I can't, I have a drama rehersal :(

This might be the last time I blog for a few weeks, I'm going to Mexico day after tomorrow.

Miss me...


Wednesday, 10 October 2007

My family are selfish.

The deed is done.

Yesterday, I spoke to Fred at break time and we came to a decision: We're gonna stick as friends.

Shame for him though...see, I'm going to this 'Pimps and Hoes' party on friday at my friend's house, there are like 30 people going.

I've got this AMAZING outfit which I have to say I look quite sexy in...I don't think I should describe it though because they'll probably be an internet lock down in which my blog will probably be either deleted, or for some reason emailed to every single person in the world along with all my personal details. But that would just be the worse case scenario.
I'll be going to Mexico the next day...probably with a hangover, but in the most sophisticated way I can possibly say this: I'll be able to do anything bad or embarrassing, because by the time I get back from Mexico 2 weeks one will remember and it will have died down. But anyway, it will be a shame for Fred that we are no longer going out (not that we ever were, mind you...) because I will be free, and I'm in a veir big headed mood today, so I think I'll risk saying that in what i'm going to be wearing at the party...I'm gonna get a lot of boy attention.

I got a 20 minute detention today because I don't actually HAVE any football's completely my mum's fault, she refuses to buy them, and if she does buy them, they'll be cheap savvy ones. My mum is so bloody selfish. So is my dad. And my sister. Where do I get my genes from? I'm the only person in my family who hasn't got an ounce of selfishness in my body. Even my CATS are more selfish than me! And my SELFISH parents only give me bloody £115 a month. What on EARTH am I supposed to buy with that?!

I'm angry now, and I'm on a mission with the person next to me to figure out who this random girl who added him on facebook is...(I'm still in school...)


Tuesday, 9 October 2007

The Importance Of my existance

Hello, this may seem extremely out of the blue seeing as I haven't actually blogged for about a century...but I have something very interesting going on in my life.

However, you may not find it too interesting, but hey, you're reading the blog aren't you?...

My life is incredibly important and interesting at the moment (it's not). I'm at school at the moment, so it may be rather difficult to write this all out without the whole school finding out whats going on in my life... Firstly, forget about the other boys I've talked about recently, they're history. There's this new guy (who I've known for about 2 years, and we've been close friends on and off, and I've liked him on and off...) his name isn't Fred, but as you may have noticed by now, I don't tend to use people's real names. Apart from Michael. He doesn't deserve a fake name. So, me and Fred have been rather close lately, we've been spending a lot of time together. (Need I explain more on that particular topic?...) And basically, we've told each other our feelings, we both like each other in the same way...normally this would lead to becoming a simple 'couple'. (Lots of sighing, holding hands and not finishing sentences...) But no. See, Fred broke up with his girlfriend about a month before I broke up with BF, except she broke up with HIM, and about a week later, ran off with one of Fred's best friends. They did this RIGHT in front of Fred. Of course he was upset, but he got over it about a month later. But, Fred is a really good friend of BF's and apparently BF is still in love with me, and hasn't nearly gotten over me, and has been thoroughly pissed off and affected hearing about my 'flings' and 'things' with other guys.

So Fred WANTS us to go out, but the last thing he wants is for BF to find out (I really need to stop calling BF 'BF'...From now on, his new name is Harry, there is a reason why I've chosen that name but if I told you it would tear a whole in our Galaxy and destroy approximately 2 thirds of the universe. So I'm not going to.) so what we're doing now, is going out in secret. Yup. Pathetic, we've told 2 people each Of course, I've told 4, but that's only expected from such a gossip.

I think this is even harsher on Harry than it would be if he knew about us...

So in about 10 mins, when break starts, I'm gonna talk to Fred and tell him that either we have to make this public, so there are no secrets...OR we'll finish it and just go back to being friends.

To be honest, I don't really give two flying fingers what happens, I just hate being confused, and there is a bright side to both possibilities:

If we make it public, I'll have a boyfriend, and therefore, a new person to refer to as 'BF', although, I'm not quite sure Fred is yet worthy of that name...

If we brake up, I'll be single and free and will be able to have a 'fling' or 'thing with whoever I happen to meet...

So I'm sorted to be honest.

Anyway, guy with practically an onion for a head is trying to read over my shoulder, so I better go...

Byee xxx