Thursday, 11 October 2007

I need to Choose my friends more carefully...

I am angry as F***. I'm talking to the ginger guy (I may have mentioned him before...) in ICT.

My BEST FRIEND, Z, is flirting her bony arse off with Fred, she knows how much I like him, but STILL she flirts with him, kisses him on the cheek and walks around with her arm around him.

I wouldn't mind AS much if first of all, she didnt check that I was watching her every 5 minutes and if she didn't have a reputation of being able to get ANY guy to like her whenever she wants.

(The Ginger guy has just asked for a name...requested the name Oel. Crap, isn't it?)

To be honest, I've ruined her life twice, I can do it again, and she's told me that I am very intimidating when I don't like her. And when she doesn't like me...I'm never bothered. Me and Shar have been talking about her lately anyway, she's pissing us off...

This morning on the way to school she asked me if I still liked Fred.
Here's how the conversation went:

Z: you still like Fred or have you got a new play thing?
Me: Z, he wasn't and still isn't a play thing, I genuinly liked him, and yeah I still do. Why?
Z: Yeah I'm starting to like him too (laughs)
Me: It's not funny. Do you think he still likes me?
Z: Haha, sorry. I dunno, I'll ask him. Do you think we're gonna be late?
Me: Shut up. Please ask him and tell me what he says, if he doesn't still feel the same then it will be easier for me to find someone else.
Z: Yeah okay.

(Long silence)

Z: I think he might be starting to like me...but I dunno.

(BITCH BITCH BITCH!!! You just DONT say things like that 2 days after your best friend has broken up with them!)

Me:.......What makes you think that?
Z: I duno. God I can't wait till friday.
Me: Me neither.
Z: Would you mind if I got off with Fred.
Me: Yes.
Z: really?
Me: No. To be honest, you'll probaly get off with him anyway, it's a pimps and ho party...WE'LL probaly get off...
Z: We actually will though...
Me: No we wont, I was joking.
Z: Haha, i know...

And thats how it went. She is being SUCH a bitch at the moment. Oel has offered to kill her, but me and Z have been best friends for like 2 years, so that would just be harsh.

If she carries on doing this tomorrow at school, then I'll go up to her and confront her.

Oh no. I want to go to G-town and relax...but I can't, I have a drama rehersal :(

This might be the last time I blog for a few weeks, I'm going to Mexico day after tomorrow.

Miss me...


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