Friday, 14 December 2007

Life. School. Boys. Teachers *throws up*

WOAH! Im WELL enjoying mocks!!!

(I'm not)

SO much work to do and i died in my english exam. Yeahp, I'm dead. I thought i was good at english, im obviously not.

did ridiculously well in my philosophy exam seeing as I only really revised for ethics. Although now I've said that im likely to get a Z. I'll be happy with a C though (for mocks) cause apparently last year everyone got an E for their mock and an A* for their real thing. Amazing what these pointless days at school can do for you in the real world.

I wonder if there really is a real world...maybe all adults are just robots and everyone dies at 18
but their body is then ran on robot oil. Yep, definitely.

Just incase your wondering, there is a new male robot (not a robot yet) in my life. His name is Kaz. Well, it's not, but lets just say it is. Just for the hell of it.

I've been spending quite a lot of time with him lately, im probaly going to end up having no friends but him because of it. but thats fine. "Who needs friends at such an important time of your life"- quote most teachers in the world (they don't have friends...actually, I saw my music teacher in G-town the other night. She was carrying a bottle of wine and she was with a few of the science teachers. I bet they have a popular and unpopular group of teechers. Hell they probably have the druggies, the skaters ect. Yep.)

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is annoying!! What? you ask?

Just life.


Friday, 30 November 2007

Sweet, but Sickening

Ha, funny story...

I decided to 'lao' (forget about) Vani. He's just too sickeningly sweet. TOO sweet. As in I would have to hit him 5 times a day to prevent him from saying anything which might force me to throw up. For example, he said that He was listening to the 'sweetest thing' (it's a song) and thinking of me...this guy is gonna get shot sooner or later. This put me RIGHT off him.

So a few days ago, this is how our conversation went on msn...

Vani: I've been thinking about you a lot.
Me: Aww lol
Vani: And I've been thinking that maybe we should take this fling of ours to the next level.
Vani: As in, become an item?

(I was gagging by this point)

Me: Oh sorry, yeah. I dunno, we don't really know each other very well...and like, I've got SO much work to do atm.
Me: So yeah, it wouldn't be good if one of us got hurt over it. So we should probably just leave it?
Vani: lol yeah I completely agree, it was just a thought.

And then the next day he sent me a text message saying:

Hey, haven't spoken in a while. What are you doing over the weekend?
I dunno what I'm doing but I know I'd like to see you at some point...
cya . love xxx

Haven't spoken in a while my ARSE.
I just didn't text back.

He can't be THAT obsessed, Ive only met him twice...

Anyway, now THAT'S over.

I do actually REALLY want a boyfriend, but the reason why I didn't give him a chance is because I think I should choose really carefully, cause I HATE breaking up with people. And I also HATE being in a position where I know I have to break up with someone cause I've gone off them.
So my new policy is: If I meet a guy who tells me/acts as if he's interested, I will first have to be thinking about him non-stop before I let anything get serious. (By serious, I don't mean actually serious, cause I'm only 15 remember...) He must be good looking (body and face) enough for me to not go off him physically, and he must have a personality which I can be completely myself around without there ever being any awkward moments. And he MUST make me laugh. Vani didn't make me laugh, I made HIM laugh. Not the way to go.

I hope I did the right thing...

I'm really enjoying writing this while listening to 'One Vision' by Queen, very relaxing.
UGH still half an hour left of school...

I've got my mocks in two weeks. I'm SO nervous.

By the way, just so you all know. I am now OFF the general horn and ON the Cosmic horn (a very painful mental condition where you get BADLY sexually attracted to everyone of the opposite sex, even if they are butt ugly. And if they're even remotely good looking...that is bad.). I HATE it. I was actually crying because of it yesterday. I swear, my hormones are driving me MENTAL.

Hmm I think I'll play some games to ward off all this sexual tension.



Tuesday, 20 November 2007

I think I'll write another post...

On my last blog I said I'd explain the pimps and hos party.

I'm not sure I want to.

But assuming you all (2 of you, including me, who doesn't) want to hear the story, I think I will. Well, what I can remember...

We looked amazing, very amazing. Not in a good way though, in an 'I-certainly-belong-in-a-brothel' kind of way. After being told at stagecoach that I wasn't worthy to carry out the role of 'Meat' in the musical 'We will rock you', and that I should, in fact, be playing Scaramouche (the main girl...[I know]) and then watching the girl who was at first, supposed to be playing her, crying at being informed that she wasn't a good enough actor, me and Shar left half an hour early to get ready for the party. We went into the changing rooms to get changed and apply impossible amounts of makeup, then we were forced to model our outfits to the rest of our group and the dance teacher. They were all amazed, which was good. I think.

After meeting our pimps (boys from our school dressed in suits, top hats and holding canes) we walked to summertown to get alcohol. Which worked tremendously well. I shared 2 bottles of beer and a large bottle of Smirnoff-ice with my pimp (Adam) and then consumed other alcoholic beverages which I just took from peoples hands while walking around the party.

Yes, I got off with two guys. (Oscar, how dare you insult me for that, I'm only 15 you cant expect me to get MORE in one night) It was quite a good night, but looking back, I kind of wish I had just NOT got off with these guys.

And I was hungover on the way to Mexico.

And I watched the film 'Georgia Rule' on the plane, which made me inhumanly horny.

Which was bad, because I had to be away from boys for 2 weeks.

After mexico I went to work experience. I'm not going to say much on that topic other than: I became a slave for a week. But I got on with the people at least, and they said I can come back to visit whenever I want for a cup of tea. So I im ever in town and feel like a cupa, I know where to go.

Now my life is based mainly around:

...which may sound alright, but it's not. I've been spending a lot of time around the 'Europian boys', these guys I met over the summer hols from the Europian school in Abingdon. They're cool, and good for partying with.

There's a problem, though. About two weeks ago, I took some of my friends (only girls) to a party at one of their houses, and we all got off with one or more people. I went there looking for a guy who might be a candidate for a relationship. And I kind of found one. He's nice, fairly good looking, and really likes me now. I like him, but the problem is...I think he might be quite boring. Or just shy, shy would be good, but If I can't brake his shell, how on Earth am I s'posed to know him? He's obsessed with football, half italian and is fluent in italian...which I like, of course. But aren't Italian guys s'posed to be dicks? (sorry...but they do tend to be horribly pervy). So the big question Vani... (his name, I've decided) he human?

I'm at school, so therefore, should go. Please shed your thoughts on my comment box...referring to these questions:
1. Should I get to know him before deciding he's not worth it?
2. If I DO get to know him and find out I don't like him, would that count as leading him on?
3. Should I just be a bitch and stop talking to him to give him the message?
4. Should I just go out with him even if he IS boring...?

(all these questions are based on me assuming he doesn't have a personality)

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX MMG...funny how my mum's name is MG...

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Biggest joke of my life...

What? Why haven't I got any comments?! Do I really have only one reader? (myself).

Well...I'm back from Mexico, it wasn't too bad considering I had to spend compulsory time with my parents and maniac of a sister 24/7. I got a tan, in fact, here back in England, I feel rather a fluorescent shade of orange. Should I be proud? Or worried?
Unfortunately, I didn't feel the courage (and I have way too much dignity...) to roam around the beaches wearing no bikini top, so I am fairly white around that area. So I'm thinking ultimate usage of my Johnson's gradual tanning lotion thing (just in that area)...but also, I'm thinking maybe not...

Nothing too amazing happened. In fact, nothing. The only memorable thing which I found veir funny at the time was an incident in a posh Mall in Cancun called 'Luxury Avenue'.
Mum, my maniac sister and I were walking around the upstairs of the Mall (is it called a mall? Should I be allowed to refer to it as a Mall seeing as I am in fact English? My mum seems to think it's acceptable, so I may as well go ahead) looking for my sister's 'Mystico' (or whatever that wrestling guy is called...) mask which she had so cleverly lost. I walked past this boy (I say boy, because he looked about 13 or maybe younger, although, boys in my year tend to look about 12 when half of them are 16) and obviously I made flirty eye contact with him, as I always do, it's good practice. Anyway, I made flirty eye contact with him, and he stopped and properly looked my up and down. When I say properly, I don't mean he did it slyly, because he didn't.
Then I carried on walking for about 20 seconds and looked around (as you do) to see if he was still looking. He was. But now he had multiplied. He was standing with another guy, who looked just a bit older than me (i'm 15) so he must've been like 17 or something, and they were BOTH standing still looking at me.
We were about to go down the esculator because we could see my dad and this random guy my mum knows downstairs waving my sister's mask around (she must have given it to my dad without realizing). So we began down the esculator and I noticed the boys coming to the bar just over the esculator and watching me go down. When I had got downstairs, they moved onto the bridge that hung over the bottom floor from the top floor, and they were just stood, leaning over the bars on the bridge watching me still. I found this hilarious and imediately smiled up at the boys. But I didn't manage to see their reaction because my sister had bitten my finger.
We went into this posh resturaunt for cakes and coffee (I didn't eat or drink anything cause I had been feeling ill a few nights ago) and they, of course, followed me up to the resturaunt and looked through the window. I laughed at them and they laughed back (I don't think they realized that I was laughing AT them rather than with them, but you never know, there could have been something they found funny about ME. There wasn't, I've just decided.).
We went quite deep into the resturaunt and I couldnt really see them anymore. Then about 2 minutes later, they had come around to the front window (the window outside) and were looking at me from there. If I hadn't been with my parent's I would have gone to speak to them...this is assuming they speak english...But instead, I smiled politely and stuck my finger up at them =].
This made them wave and go away. I agree. Biggest joke of MMG's life.

What is it with me?

Is there something funny about me?

Or do boys really have nothing better to do than stalk girls?

Why do guys have to be so confusing and unopen...then again, I met a guy recently who was very open indeed, kind of like me. But this led to more confusion and a very tense situation. But that, my readers (if you haven't all died) is another story. A story which I will not be blogging.

I wish all guys could be as open as him, it would make life SO much easier for me. Although, without the confusion of guys, I would have no material for this blog. (not that it would matter, seeing as I have no proof of readers anymore). So guess it's a good thing for some guys to be unopen. Maybe I should try being less open, it might make the guys I actually want a relationship with want a relationship with me.

Not gonna happen.

Huh, this has somewhat depressed me. And I'm writing like a robot today, what has come over me? I've been away from my friends for too long...I need to spend another few days with them before I return to my normal boring self.

Life's been fun, but I think it's time for me to start taking my schoolwork seriously (it's not, but I think I'll give it a go anyway).


(story of the pimps and hos party is still in my mind...saving it for next post)

Thursday, 11 October 2007

I need to Choose my friends more carefully...

I am angry as F***. I'm talking to the ginger guy (I may have mentioned him before...) in ICT.

My BEST FRIEND, Z, is flirting her bony arse off with Fred, she knows how much I like him, but STILL she flirts with him, kisses him on the cheek and walks around with her arm around him.

I wouldn't mind AS much if first of all, she didnt check that I was watching her every 5 minutes and if she didn't have a reputation of being able to get ANY guy to like her whenever she wants.

(The Ginger guy has just asked for a name...requested the name Oel. Crap, isn't it?)

To be honest, I've ruined her life twice, I can do it again, and she's told me that I am very intimidating when I don't like her. And when she doesn't like me...I'm never bothered. Me and Shar have been talking about her lately anyway, she's pissing us off...

This morning on the way to school she asked me if I still liked Fred.
Here's how the conversation went:

Z: you still like Fred or have you got a new play thing?
Me: Z, he wasn't and still isn't a play thing, I genuinly liked him, and yeah I still do. Why?
Z: Yeah I'm starting to like him too (laughs)
Me: It's not funny. Do you think he still likes me?
Z: Haha, sorry. I dunno, I'll ask him. Do you think we're gonna be late?
Me: Shut up. Please ask him and tell me what he says, if he doesn't still feel the same then it will be easier for me to find someone else.
Z: Yeah okay.

(Long silence)

Z: I think he might be starting to like me...but I dunno.

(BITCH BITCH BITCH!!! You just DONT say things like that 2 days after your best friend has broken up with them!)

Me:.......What makes you think that?
Z: I duno. God I can't wait till friday.
Me: Me neither.
Z: Would you mind if I got off with Fred.
Me: Yes.
Z: really?
Me: No. To be honest, you'll probaly get off with him anyway, it's a pimps and ho party...WE'LL probaly get off...
Z: We actually will though...
Me: No we wont, I was joking.
Z: Haha, i know...

And thats how it went. She is being SUCH a bitch at the moment. Oel has offered to kill her, but me and Z have been best friends for like 2 years, so that would just be harsh.

If she carries on doing this tomorrow at school, then I'll go up to her and confront her.

Oh no. I want to go to G-town and relax...but I can't, I have a drama rehersal :(

This might be the last time I blog for a few weeks, I'm going to Mexico day after tomorrow.

Miss me...


Wednesday, 10 October 2007

My family are selfish.

The deed is done.

Yesterday, I spoke to Fred at break time and we came to a decision: We're gonna stick as friends.

Shame for him though...see, I'm going to this 'Pimps and Hoes' party on friday at my friend's house, there are like 30 people going.

I've got this AMAZING outfit which I have to say I look quite sexy in...I don't think I should describe it though because they'll probably be an internet lock down in which my blog will probably be either deleted, or for some reason emailed to every single person in the world along with all my personal details. But that would just be the worse case scenario.
I'll be going to Mexico the next day...probably with a hangover, but in the most sophisticated way I can possibly say this: I'll be able to do anything bad or embarrassing, because by the time I get back from Mexico 2 weeks one will remember and it will have died down. But anyway, it will be a shame for Fred that we are no longer going out (not that we ever were, mind you...) because I will be free, and I'm in a veir big headed mood today, so I think I'll risk saying that in what i'm going to be wearing at the party...I'm gonna get a lot of boy attention.

I got a 20 minute detention today because I don't actually HAVE any football's completely my mum's fault, she refuses to buy them, and if she does buy them, they'll be cheap savvy ones. My mum is so bloody selfish. So is my dad. And my sister. Where do I get my genes from? I'm the only person in my family who hasn't got an ounce of selfishness in my body. Even my CATS are more selfish than me! And my SELFISH parents only give me bloody £115 a month. What on EARTH am I supposed to buy with that?!

I'm angry now, and I'm on a mission with the person next to me to figure out who this random girl who added him on facebook is...(I'm still in school...)


Tuesday, 9 October 2007

The Importance Of my existance

Hello, this may seem extremely out of the blue seeing as I haven't actually blogged for about a century...but I have something very interesting going on in my life.

However, you may not find it too interesting, but hey, you're reading the blog aren't you?...

My life is incredibly important and interesting at the moment (it's not). I'm at school at the moment, so it may be rather difficult to write this all out without the whole school finding out whats going on in my life... Firstly, forget about the other boys I've talked about recently, they're history. There's this new guy (who I've known for about 2 years, and we've been close friends on and off, and I've liked him on and off...) his name isn't Fred, but as you may have noticed by now, I don't tend to use people's real names. Apart from Michael. He doesn't deserve a fake name. So, me and Fred have been rather close lately, we've been spending a lot of time together. (Need I explain more on that particular topic?...) And basically, we've told each other our feelings, we both like each other in the same way...normally this would lead to becoming a simple 'couple'. (Lots of sighing, holding hands and not finishing sentences...) But no. See, Fred broke up with his girlfriend about a month before I broke up with BF, except she broke up with HIM, and about a week later, ran off with one of Fred's best friends. They did this RIGHT in front of Fred. Of course he was upset, but he got over it about a month later. But, Fred is a really good friend of BF's and apparently BF is still in love with me, and hasn't nearly gotten over me, and has been thoroughly pissed off and affected hearing about my 'flings' and 'things' with other guys.

So Fred WANTS us to go out, but the last thing he wants is for BF to find out (I really need to stop calling BF 'BF'...From now on, his new name is Harry, there is a reason why I've chosen that name but if I told you it would tear a whole in our Galaxy and destroy approximately 2 thirds of the universe. So I'm not going to.) so what we're doing now, is going out in secret. Yup. Pathetic, we've told 2 people each Of course, I've told 4, but that's only expected from such a gossip.

I think this is even harsher on Harry than it would be if he knew about us...

So in about 10 mins, when break starts, I'm gonna talk to Fred and tell him that either we have to make this public, so there are no secrets...OR we'll finish it and just go back to being friends.

To be honest, I don't really give two flying fingers what happens, I just hate being confused, and there is a bright side to both possibilities:

If we make it public, I'll have a boyfriend, and therefore, a new person to refer to as 'BF', although, I'm not quite sure Fred is yet worthy of that name...

If we brake up, I'll be single and free and will be able to have a 'fling' or 'thing with whoever I happen to meet...

So I'm sorted to be honest.

Anyway, guy with practically an onion for a head is trying to read over my shoulder, so I better go...

Byee xxx

Tuesday, 18 September 2007


I'm at school now.

I'm sitting next to a guy with pretty much no hair who's playing 'Stick man ninjas'...sounds fun, huh. On the other side of me there is a guy who I may have to kill, or at least have severely injured, by somebody else of course. Maybe he'll get the message and just kill himself for me.

There's this completely pointless thing we've had to do at school, I may have mentioned it before. It's called an Active Citizenship Project (ACP). I'm not even going to explain what it involves, the point is, it's completely pointless and I haven't done it even though it was in for last Easter :).

The citizenship department (citizenship is compulsory GCSE at my school) have finally 'put their foot down' and decided that instead of letting me fail a subject that isn't going to get me anywhere in life, to keep me back after school for an hour and a half every monday and tuesday until I've finished it. So I'm gonna be going for a very long time.

AHHH the bell g2g bye xxxx explain more soon


Sunday, 16 September 2007

Ally Courts

Ally Courts, a place with a park, a few benches and a basketball court near where I live. Over the summer holidays we've been there almost every night with like 20 people. Sad, I know, but seeing as I've been banned from hosting parties forevermore due to a broken door and an empty liquor cupboard, and no one else likes having parties, it's either Ally courts or a quiet night at home eating biscuits and watching whatever happens to be on tv at that particular time. Anyway, me and quite a few people were at Alley courts on friday night, I got quite tipsy off a few beers (i say a few...), it started off really fun, and i was in a really good mood.

Then, one by one, my recent flingees (people I had had flings with recently, I'm rather proud of the word...) turned up. First it was Dino, which was fine because he hangs around with my group anyway so it's never really awkward between us anymore, in fact, at a party last Saturday we actually had a conversation about the whole thing really openly.

Second, DJ turned up, and I really wasn't expecting HIM to show because he had told me he was going to LONDON for the whole weekend...maybe he has parents similar to mine who love to change plans at the last minute, even though their teenage son/daughter might have extremely important plans which involve the opposite sex. They had changed their mind and decided not to go until the next day (even though HE told me that it was HIS decision not to go because he wanted to see me, and that, I highly doubt). It was quite awkward between Dino and DJ because they both knew from gossip that I had made out with both of them in the same week (god I seeerrriously hope that NO ONE I know apart from my family EVER read this blog) so they didn't speak very much.

Then, FINALLY, Curly showed up (remember? the guy I've known for 6 years who kissed me a week before...). I really cannot begin to tell you how awkward it was. Actually, I can. It was very very awkward indeed, in fact, I may have to go and get a glass of water before I carry on writing.

Back. Okay...I'll carry on. There was one point where Curly, Dino AND DJ were all sitting on the bench and me and two of my friends were sitting on the floor. They were all looking at each other really strangely.

To break the awkwardness I said that I needed the loo. So DJ said he'd walk me to the nearby Chinese restaurant. On the way back, we kissed. Then I had another beer when we got back to Ally courts.
By now I was starting to feel quite tipsy. Curly asked if he could talk to me, and me being a complete idiot, DID. We went and sat at the far corner of the basketball court. He asked me how I felt about DJ and I said that I liked him for a bit, but that now I've kind of gone off him (usually I wouldn't tell him anything like that, but being in the state of mind that I was...). He then asked me how I felt about him, and then kissed me, and I felt obliged to kiss him back. Then someone in the year below who just happened to be there (I think she fancies Curly) came over and dragged him off. So then I went to join the circle that DJ just happened to be in. We had a conversation but I forgot what it was about, and then him and his friend Yaw walked me home...and I kissed DJ...again.

When I got home my parents had just had some friends around for cocktails (my mum recently got a cocktail making kit for her b-day and is now obsessed for making them for people), so we just chilled watching the room spin for a bit then I went to bed.

The next morning I was very regretfull of my deeds. But oh well, as I said in my previous post; I am, after all, only 15.

I'm going to make my mum read this now to see if it's suitable for publishing on my blog.



Thursday, 13 September 2007

Things have changed.

Sorry to break it to you, but I am, again, onto someone else.

In fact, I have been through 2 people since I last blogged. Funny, isn't it.

I've decided to start aiming my blogs at you, Oscar, because you are the only person who seems to be reading it apart from my mum, who I tell these things anyway.

I'm writing from school cause im bored, so I can't actually write down anything too personal because I am currently sitting next to a guy who wishes our music teacher would get hit by a bus (I strongly agree with him) and another guy with ginger hair who plans to dye it bright pink or black. I voted for black, but it's likely that he'll be more of a rebel and go for pink. the ginger guy is BUFF. (you may have guessed that the last bit was writen by Ginger guy.)

Okay, so I've mostly gone off Dino, because I met someone else called...I really cannot think of a name for him, his real name is strange enough. Lets caall him DJ, thats nis nickname.
So I met DJ at a party and we exchanged phone numbers, I started to really like him, and we kissed and stuff on various occasions. But then last week, another guy who I've known for about 6 years just randomly kissed me. I think I'll call him Curly. So, Curly is the name of the guy who I've known 6 years, who kissed me. :)

And then the other day, yesterday in fact, we were talking on MSN, and he told me that he liked me.

I'm still not sure weather I like him, but what's strange, is that I met up with DJ at the beginning of the week, and I just suddenly went off him. And I haven't got a clue why. Oh well, I'm only 15. (I'm 15 now btw, not 14, 15.).

Im very much looking forward to coming to mexico, even if it DOES mean I have to take a WHOLE week off school, and miss the whole half term, and the day after I get home, I start my work experience.

But at least this time, I've been given a chance to tell my friends I'm going, rather than just being packed into a bag and shoved on a plane with no clue about whats happening to me and if I'll ever see my house again.
Hopefully, I'll have a lot to moan about there, that'll make my parents nice and cranky :) I'll be fine as long as I have a few pina coladas.

Hope I get to see you in Mexico, I can't remember if I've actually met you or not, I think I may have, when I was about 7. Meh, I'll ask my mum.

Oh god, got to make a flyer about downloading tunes...or something.

MMG xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 6 August 2007

General Horn

oh wow.

Why do I keep leaving such long gaps between each post? I can't remember what state my life was in last time I wrote my blog.

Lets see...oh me and Z have made up. Twas bound to happen. Not going to go on about it, it was the usual 'lets never fight again' thing, although I highly doubt that will last.

Anyway, I already like someone new someone who is not Jack. His name is Dino (there is actually a funny reason for that, but I wouldn't be able to explain it without writing his name, which would completely defeat the point of giving him a nickname in the first place), and I first started to like him when I had a 'thing' (a party with under 15 people) at my house. I had my eye on someone called Sufur (again, not his real name), but he had cut his hair so I decided not to. Me and Dino got really close and ended up...getting off. I'd never thought of him in this way before, but suddenly, I did.
I didn't start to actually have feelings for him until after the next night when my friend Arthur had a 'thing' at HIS house. Me and Dino did the same again.

Thing is...completely contradicting what I just said, I do kind of still have feelings for Jack, but im not sure if I actually like him in that way...or if I just like him as a friend. A goodlooking friend. A very good friend, almost worthy of the nickname 'Hottie' but thats already been taken.

I think I have the general horn. (stolen from Louise Rennison's Georga Nicholson series).

First there's the Specific horn: where you really like one person...but only one. This is probaly the most sensible to have, but as you may have noticed from reading my previous blogs, I am not the most sensible of people, so this one does not apply to me.

Then we have the General Horn: where you like more than one person in a sexual way. Guilty.

Finally, there's the Cosmic Horn: where you get sexual feelings for every person of the opposite sex (unless you happen to be homosexual or Bisexual). I get the Cosmic horn VEIR VEIR often. It is not good.

I got pissed off because a guy who was sitting at a table nearby in the hotel only looked at me twice, and that was it.

He must be gay.

I'm being really antisocial, and no one important is on MSN.




(bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMMG)

Thursday, 19 July 2007

At home.

Me and BF have broken up.

I would leave it at that so that you guys would have to actually spend some time thinking about what you have just read, but that would just be clever. And I'm not clever.

We'd been having quite a few arguments lately and we kind of realised that we were growing apart.
Now I understand why long relationships at 14/15 only happen when both the boy and girl are complete loners and don't have any friends apart from eachother.

Our personalities grew apart. Because we'd been going out for 8 months and hanging in school with different groups, it was only normal to different ways.

WHAT? why am I listening to high school musical?
I'm learning the harmonies :) Doing quite well actually.

I still have strong feelings for him, but it got to the point where all we had in common was the fact we were going out. Sad, isn't it?


Don't fall off your chair, it's not sensible.

I know it's quite fast, but I already like this guy call him Jack (its not his name)
I've liked him since before I was with BF...but I was already basically going out with BF so it would have been wrong. So now that I've prooved that he didn't come out of nowhere...
I've been distant friends with him but now we're really close.

He really likes Z who is/is supposed to be my best friend, which I respect because she's pretty and can be nice. So I'm being there for him, but lately shes been a B-I-T-C-H. She keeps changing her personality around different people. That gets annoying...she always wants to appear as the leader of me and Shar (my other best friend) as in always trying to stand in between us.

I AM NOT A 'POSSY' KIND OF PERSON!!! (unless I'm the one who owns the possy)

She's been treating Jack SO badly, she's so rude to him but flirts at the same time. And today, she did something rather abnormal...she shoved a stick lengthways into his CROTCH then just walked off laughing like she really didn't care.

'OUCH' he said, and then he curled up into a completely round ball and was trying to prevents himself from throwing up for literally ten minutes. Me and Shar comforted him because he stated that he felt like he was having a baby. Yep. It looked pretty painful.

So now me Shar and Jack have fallen out with Z. :) Very girly isn't it?

Off to have a shower nightey night.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

At school, again.

I've gotten into the habbit of adding posts to my blog at school.

Despite the fact that everyone can see what I'm writing...I don't care. =]

I had an argument with BF yesterday. Hahaha...It's funny when things like that happen. I used to get very upset about it.
Now I get more angry than upset. He wont learn salsa, so I may have to kill him.

Oh dear, someone is reading it over my shoulder.
I might write more at home, but thats what I thought I'd do yesterday. So I probaly wont.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Convertable Boy

At school, nothing else to do other than write this.
Being talked at. Something about cars.

I saw a picture of Hottie today, WHILE I was sitting here in food a computer room. The boy I'm sitting next to; Convertable Boy. Yes. its his own fault for being so utterly obsessed with cars.

REPLIES TO COMMENTS (WOW! I have 2 comments! Oh...they're from the same person -.-)
Oscarinho said...
Moanie,yes, I know, we can't help posing when exposed to a camera. No, I don't live in Japan, right now I live in Brasil, but by october I'll be back in Mexico and will join you for part of that trip. Already told your mom I'll take you for a cousins' night out. Fun guaranteed! Right now I'm at the Sao Paulo airport, on no sleep, after partying, bound to Buenos Aires.Posted in English, bit sentimental:

Me said...
Oscar, yes, I would love to have a 'cousins' night out'. What would that include? Dancing? Or would it be more like the 'cousins' DAY out' where I go to an indoor city where I'm forced to do child labour?!
Okay, yes, I admit I did enjoy my days at the City of Children (i'm sure you've heard of it).
I read your blog, I enjoyed it. Did you write in English so I could understand it? Or was it because you forgot how to speak spanish due to your duration in Brazil.
Thankyou, once again for reading my blog. See you in October.

Oh, the bell
Bye xxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Operas are all in weird languages...

God it's been a long time.
As you've guessed, I've made up with Naz...don't blame me...I suddenly started feeling like a bitch. For some reason I didn't realize how much of one I was being.

I called her and appologized, and now we're good friends again.

I've had endless coursework and haven't found any time to write my beloved blog. Not much has happened...apart from the fact that right now I am, against my will, listening to some crap opera song. I think it's in Italian. Or German. French. or some other language that only exists because I can't understand it.
I'm going to Mexico in October! It's going to be either terrible, or bareable. It may even be fun.
Oh, two interesting letters in the post today - one with my dad's name on it, and one addressed to me!
Mine was sealed but empty and had a Queens College post mark on it.
My dad's letter was also sealed, but strangley had something in it. (It also had a queens college post mark on it).
Inside this mysterious letter was a sheet of paper explaining health and saftey...Yes.
It also mentioned 'knife skills' and 'lace up shoes'.
All we can think of is that it is some mutated form of a letter accepting my catering work experience thingy. Although it doesn't mention my name on it at all, it also doesn't say who it's from.
I think i'll get along with these people.

Oscarinho said...
dear Moanie,looks like Vicky Pollard took over your blog today and she was doing the posting! I haven't posted anything in English but it's not like I'm destroying your life anyway. There are some pics from a party I just threw if you wanna check 'em out.

Me said...
Hello you. Yes, I admit, it was in fact the Vicky Pollard side of me who was writing.
I looked at the pictures, I'm guessing you're the one in green who appears in every single picture?
The one who has an obsession with making strange faces.
I'm exactly the same in front of a camera...I literally cannot help posing.
Looking forward to seeing you in Mexico, if you come with us...I don't know, my parents don't tell me anything. For all I know, you might live in Japan.

Anyway, im being forced to go to a street party today. Better go and get showered and ready seeing as i've been awake for 3 hours.

Adios xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MMG

Monday, 18 June 2007


Oh my, I haven't blogged for...a few weeks. I hate that feeling of destroying everyone elses lives (well...the one or two readers I have) just because I cannot be arsed to get my butt onto the computer. Actually, I love it.

Nothing has happened lately. My life has literally been starved of interesting happenings other than writing an essay on how Arthur Miller creates tension in Act 3 of 'The Crucible'. Oh but one thing did happen in the last week. It's about my, well she wasn't really a very good friend and now, isn't in fact a friend of any sort. You see, she would never listen to what I had to say, unless it was something completely about her, or advice for her to use in her minor problems. I did not like her very much at all. But you know when you really really like someone and everythings fine and your all best friend like?....Well that wasn't how it was at all. She's one of those people who lives on your street who follows you around everywhere and forces you to go out to town with them when you'd rather be clipping your toenails watching the teletubbies.
All Naz would ever talk about was her boyfriend (and now ex-boyfriend) and how much she hated one of my best friends, and whenever I tried to change the subject to something that wasn't all about her, she'd tell me to shut up and let her finish...even though she had finished.
[This girl, Naz was one of my friends who was with me when the whole 'let's sleep at Z's house over night, her parents wont notice' situation, and the next morning when I CAME BACK TO HELP TIDY UP, refused to help and said it would all be fine and then led muddy footprints going all the way to my front door!!!]
I really need to take this somewhere.....
hmm...yes! She broke up with her boyfriend Iglentine a month ago, and a week ago, my friend Shar made out with him because she's really liked him for ages (she completely stayed away from him when he and Naz were going out, but Naz knew she liked him and instead of considering Shar's feelings, Naz just blanked her for 3 months and gave no reason whatsoever for it). Naz found out what Iglentine and Shar had been up to and had the biggest spaz and made the biggest scene in the history of spazzes and...scenes(?). She was crying and was getting really annoyed and angry. She had a right to be upset, I'll give her that...but she had NO right to be annoyed and angry! HE WAS NOT HER BOYFRIEND ANYMORE!!!!!!!!

Now the whole situation has all got very messy and stupid because me, Z and Shar have all fallen out with Naz and really dont like her (it's a good excuse to ditch her actually...). Because Naz is, in fact, a man (or a man-look-a-like), all the boys are really good friends with her, so the only friends shes got are boys....and a few of those boy's girlfriends like her...I think.

Haha...everyones calling us bitches for ditching her!!! I love being a bitch, it makes me feel like such a.....girl. :D


Oscarinho said...
Hey moanie! You finally wrote something!! You have no idea how boring my life was, sitting in front of the computer all day long with nothing amusing to read.My blog has been terribly abandoned lately. I'll let you know when I post something you can read. Sometimes I post in English, Spanish, or Portuguese, depending the mood I'm on. Andalucia didn't look that bad on the pics, but it's terrible they keep starving you from BF.xoxo

Me said...
Hello Oscarinho! Yes, I did finally write something, and I'm finally writing something again, now that I have people to please, I'm going to HAVE to start writing my bloge relitively frequently, and more often. Hmm, maybe Andalucia didn't look too bad on the pics, but I definitely DID look bad on them, they really need to cut me out and put a picture of a model on it instead.
They've stopped starving me of BF now...seeing as if they did, they'd have to surgically remove him from my hip before they started. He's coming to Switzerland with us, actually...which means I'm going to have to dig DEEPER to find bad points of being taken on holiday.

Can't look at a computer screen any longer, it's sucking all the energy from my brain and soon I'll have to feed myself hundereds of thousands of calories, which won't be good because then I'll have twice as much to complain about, and twice as much of me will be complaining.
I'm going to go, before my fingertips explode from over 'usage'.


Sunday, 3 June 2007

They've done it again!

No. Just, no. -I would leave it at that, but I have far more interesting things to say, and only MY mind would understand it if I were to read 'no. just no'.
What I'm trying to say is that my parents just stuffed me into a car and drove/flew me to Spain. I was there for FIVE WHOLE DAYS. I was given no warning of this whatsoever, and whats worse, is that we didn't even get to stay in a hotel. They took me into a place which, at first I thought was a concentration camp, but later found out to be a high class (cheap, but high class in my parent's standards) campsite with small two bedroom bungalows.
See what I mean? Well, if you were sad enough to read my first post way back in...April then you would completely understand what I mean..........and what I mean is that my parents seem to take me away from my friends at every possible oppertunity JUST to annoy me.
At least this time I brought a friend, and I got to share a bungalow with her too. But still...I would preffer to be given more notice of such events as these.
I say I had no warning, this is not entirely true, but I was told last year and then it wasnt mentioned to me again until I woke up as I was being dragged into the car. (God it feels great to get back to slagging off my life online)

After saying all this, I did, in the end have a good time. But that fact is completely beside the point of being starved of BF.
I got back on friday at about 12am, but I saw BF the next day and we had a really good time together and my makeout withdrawal went away. After a while...

MY REPLIES TO COMMENT(S)-i never get more than one -.-

Oscarinho said...
I do feel sorry for you, dear cos.Yes, us men are all like that, we actually lack the genes that would make us able to understand girls. But over the years, and with some experience, we do learn how to treat you properly. Where's your next post? I've had nothing new to read from you in several days, and since I spend most of the day working on a computer I need something new from you to read and keep me amused. xoxo

Me said...
I do feel sorry for me too. And thankyou for agreeing with me, you're the first male who has. BF is getting there...but he's only fifteen so I can't expect him to treat me properly yet without receiving a lecture about how hard he's trying and how he's still 'immature'.
Thankyou for caring about my blog, it's nice to know there's someone else out there who likes to read it other than my mum...I'm sure if I told my friends about this they'd read it and I'd get lots of comments, but then again, after reading this some of them would no longer be my friends...
Thanks for reading Oscarinho, I would read yours too, but sadly, my Mexican genes for speaking spanish haven't quite kicked in yet. xxxx

UGH!!! My mum still hasn't shut up about Cuba!!! She keeps showig me videos of bands we saw live and telling me how amazing it is not only to see a famous band we'd already seen live, but to see them in a video as well!!!!!! Mum, get over it. Please.

Oh, it's 10pm...and I'm not asleep. This cannot be good seeing as I have to go and pretend to learn tomorrow. Acting to teachers takes too much energy away from a teenage girl.

Adios! (oh look, they're starting to kick in...)
MMG xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Feel sorry for me!!

I'm crying...why am I crying? There are drops of salt water escaping from my eyes, rolling down my face (which I pampered today using several different skin products!!).
Nothing has happened to me to provoke these tears, at least not that I know of. My subconscious must be having a bad day, or maybe I pushed my brain too hard with all this revision. Either way, the point is, i'm crying.

BF hasn't called today...neither did he yesterday. He MUST have been thinking about me every second just like he says he does. Not. I simply refuse to call him, I want to see if i'll ever see him again if I don't call him (apart from at school).
Oh!!! Wait!!! I just remembered he texted me this morning saying:
I feel really ill, I've got tonsillitis tb. (and he didn't even say 'xxx' at the end...I texted him back saying: Oh no :( thats horrible I hope it doesn't last long for you.

SEE!!! I can be a nice person! I comforted him (over texting), and he just didn't text back -.-
The only time in 3 centuries when he texts/calls me is to ask me to feel sorry for him.

ARE ALL MEN LIKE THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
---my mum says they are.

I hope all men aren't like that, because I'm quie a lot like that. And if I'm ill at the same time as whoever ends up being my husband, I won't have anyone to feel sorry for me.
I'll have to live with my mum and dad forever (well, not my dad, because if we just so happen to be ill together, then we'll be fighting over mum's attention). Meanwhile, my sister (who by then will be an adult) will probaly be a lawyer or something like that. That's just how things turn out, the younger sister is always more succefull.
I bet if my parents hadn't been so selfish, then I'd be an A* student. But NO. They had to pick stupid jobs which payed barely anything JUST so that when I got a little sister they'd get better jobs and suddenly be able to pay for her to have a good education. That's how life is.

What's this? I've stopped crying, goodness me. I've got a dry tear line down both of my cheeks. Nice, now I have to replenish the skin on my face again. OR, I could work on making myself ill so that BF would have to feel sorry for me!, thats phsychotic.

Good night. Im going to read some girly magazines to pamper my brain.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Complete and utter stupidity.

I got in trouble!!...but sadly, didn't get suspended. Partly because, well, it didn't really have anything whatsoever to do with school.
It's quite a funny story, actually. It really brings out all the stupidity in me.
Here's what happened... My best friend...Z (thats what I'll call her until I think of a better name for her) went to Wales for the weekend. Usually when she goes away I have to feed her rabbits, which I would very much like to object to because I'm such a lazy bum, but unfortunately, I take it as my duty to my best friend, Z :). This time, she only mentioned to me that she might be going away for the weekend and that she MAY need someone to feed the rabbits, but that was the last I heard of it.
On the night she was gone, I was with 3 of my friends and I didn't know whether I was expected to feed her rabbit, so we went down the road to her house and went into her garden to feed the rabbits. The first thing that popped into my mind when I went around the corner of her house was: "Why the hell is her back door open?!".
Of course there was a reason for me thinking this, otherwise I'm sure I'd be considered a much weirder person than I am already thought of now. The back door had been left open. I mean, yeah, like you do, just leave your back doorwide open so anyone could just dance in. They are SO damn lucky it was ME to 'dance' in, rather than some complete phsyco!!!
I stepped in, and shouted 'hello, hello, hello...hello?'. No one was in, just as I had suspected. We were all quite worried, so I called Z on her mobile and told her about the open door. She went pretty mental over the phone, she was terrifyed of what she thought her mum would do to her if she found out Z had left the back door unlocked (later we found out it wasn't Z's was her Mum's!!!). She simply refused to tell her mum, and that was final. My friend Iglentine (not his real one's called that) suggested that we stayed the night there to look after the house. Obviously we all thought it was stupid but we kept our mouths shut and went ahead with it. Z SAID WE COULD!!! She actually gave us permission to sleep in her house while
1) Her parents were away
2) She was away WITH her parents and wouldn't be there to keep an eye on things!
I didn't stay the night there, I wasn't allowed (I didn't tell my mum what we'd actually be doing, I said I wanted to stay at a friends house- Im such a rebel) so I just stayed there until 10:30, which was still stupid. We invited our friend...Rawr, yes thats what I'll call him, and he was with his complete idiot of a friend (who doesn't even deserve a fake name) Michael. We did have Z's permission to invite Rawr, but we know she hates Michael. I said on the phone to Rawr that if he was with Michael then he shouldn't come, because Michael wasn't invited.
Who did he end up bringing?....Michael. I tried my hardest being responsible not lettig Michael in because I know how loud and disruptive he is, but no one backed me up, they are obviously not big enough, so we ended up letting him in.
We got caught. Of course we got caught. Teenagers just can't do anything without getting caught, we're not allowed to. Everyone hates us.
Z DID SOMETHING VERY SILLY INDEED!!!! When she and her parents got home, they noticed the closed blinds, and that my friend had stupidly left his swimming stuff there. They just assumed someone had broken into their house, so they called the police. Why the hell didn't Z just confess and start grovelling?!?! That's what I would have done. Of course, she didn't, she just thought we'd be able to get away with it.
The next day Z's mum cameup to my door with Z and had a go at me for being in her house. She started crying and it was all very very not good...she told me about how shed had ferensics in (however on jupiter you spell that) and how she'd change the locks and had the police in. I told her the whole story, and when I got to the part about speaking to Z on the phone...she gave Z the most disappointed look I'd ever seen anyone give...anyone.
You can probaly guess what happened from there. It's all got very stupid and silly and upsetting now. Me and Z were given most of the blame, although I did as much as any of my 3 friends...and Rawr & Michael. I told my mum about what happened before Z's mum marched up to my house, so she was happy with me about that, so i'm not in trouble with my parents. My mum just thinks I'm stupid, which is nothing new.

I really can't be arsed to write anymore, my fingertips hurt.
Goodnight xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMMG

---Z's mum wants us to pay for changing the locks -.- Bitch.

Monday, 7 May 2007

The rose.

My friend has been grounded. Well...BEV has. He has had his mobile confiscated, isn't allowed to use the computer, isn't allowed to use the home phone and isn't allowed to step out of his front door! (Although I think he might be allowed out his back door otherwise it would be violating his human rights. I think.) He's also suspended from school for smoking on the field. What a complete and utter fool. I don't understand why you would do that. If you're going to smoke, at least DON'T DO IT IN SCHOOL!!!! Serves him right, what a...Bev. tomorrow. I wish I'd get suspended. Well, actually I don't. If I did, I would be in severe trouble with my parents. That's all I'd care about. Oh God I have tests in like...AH! NEXT WEEK!
Oh no, now I'll have to put some actual effort into my school work.

I'm starting to think about Hottie...again. (Remember? The HOT guy I met in Cuba who battled a rosebush for me?- that sounded A LOT better in my head, but seeing as I'm too tired to think, i'm just going to leave it). I haven't looked at the rose yet actually, it must have dried out by now. In fact, it's probaly been absorbed by the pages of the heavy book I put it in. Better go and's still there...but it seems to have caught some kind of disease (probaly from me) it's gone all brown and weird. Oh well, I HAVE to keep it because it's the only thing I have to remember Hottie by. Although i'll probally end up throwing it away, or the whole household will be quarintined for some rare bacterial disease, that BF will catch and then I won't be able to see him at school anymore. (I wouldn't be able to see him anyway because our whole household, as I said, would be quarintined...)
Oh my god. Hottie was so...HOT!! I can't stop thinking about him, I need to dance with him again! No....I love BF...

I should go before I betray all my feelings for my boyfriend and start fanticising about hottie.

Love me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (MMG= me)

Friday, 4 May 2007

My cat is on heat!

I love having a boyfriend :) Sometimes it gets really fustrating being stuck with one guy, but at least it's the guy i've got. (God, that sounded so soppy).
I went to his house today after school. It was so nice to be with him after basically not seeing him for a week (because i've been ill).
I'm running out of a life, I have nothing to blog!
It's all my parent's fault for making me have such a boring life.

Ha! My cat is on heat. She, yes, SHE tried to rape me. Well she tried to rape my arm, and now I have scratches all down it. But I know she loves me anyway.
I'm going through a phase of finding every single male I see attractive. Why??!! I have a boyfriend, I don't need other guys! I must be on heat, I caught it from Isa (my cat).
By the way, her name is Isa, as I said, and it is pronounced: eesa...NOT EYESA.
The amount of times ive been corrected for calling her EESA is ridiculous. She's MY cat, and I choose how to pronounce her name.

REPLIES TO COMMENTS from the blog entry before this one..
mg said:
It's PSYCHIATRIST and HYPOCHONDRIAC.Please baby, learn to spell.

Me said:
Obviously you understood what I was TRYING to say. So no. I won't learn to spell :) I'll take my time. xxxxxxxxxxxxx Thankyou oh so very much for reading.

[[OH!!! I just remembered Mondays a bank holiday so i get a long weekend YESSSSSS!]]

Bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MMG

Thursday, 3 May 2007

I'm Dying

I've been off school for 3 days (which i s'pose is a good thing).
I'm not ill NOW really, I've been taking medicine and I'll hopefully be able to go to school tomorrow...well thats what I said yesterday. I woke up this morning feeling like I'd been swallowed and spat back out by a passing llama. Not very nice at all. I couldn't move at all. AT ALL!!! I thought I had some strange rare disease that I was going to die from! Then again, thats what I always think, I take after my mother. I'm a hypacondriat (I don't think even Einstein could ever figure out how to spell that...). Those who don't know, a hypacondriat is someone who just assumes the worst is going to happen to them, and they're always sure they're going to die.
This really isn't a good thing. When I go on holiday, I always just assume that the plane will crash and I'll die, but I act like it's the most logical thing.
I think I should go see a phsyciatrist.

I GAVE MY ILLNESS TO BF!!! *angry face* HE'S SO BLOODY SELFISH CATCHING MY DEADLY DISEASE!!! Now I wont be able to see him for God knows how long...and I'll start showing serious makeout withdrawal symptoms!!
Dear God,
Please help BF to GET BETTER and STOP CATCHING MY ILLNESSES. It's okay when I'M off school, because I can just sleep, read and watch Tv all day. But when he's off school and I'm not, the day is so boring...All in all, I will promise to pray to you every night if-.... I just dropped spagetti down my top...HUMPH...I will promise to pray to you every night (if I can think of anything to pray for) if you force BF into school tomorrow!!!

I saw some very very attracive boys indeed today...extreamly hot. Sex gods in fact...
But I'm taken. Do you have any idea how tragic it is to have a boyfriend?!
Yes it's nice, but it means no tarting yourself up to attract boys, and thats half the fun of being a female human!
But I guess im stuck with BF. But to be fair he is by far the sweetest boy i know (who isn't gay). He has a really pretty face and sort of skater/emoish black hair. He's quite short but he'll grow (if he stops smoking) and he has bright blue eyes. And a FIT smile...and he loves me.
He's always telling me how pissed off he is about how he looks like a girl...but boys who look like girls when theyre young always turn out to be BLOODY HOT!!!!!

Tired...going to go...bye
MMG xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

God I am so immature

Oh, I almost forgot I had a blog.
I can't really remember what has happened in the last week, so it can't be at all interesting.
We've been doing these drama workshop thingys which go towards our GCSEs. This means a LOT of improvised acting...which for me, is not good. I'm so bloody crap at acting, I really have not got a clue why I took it for GCSE! I s'pose I'm getting a lot better, its just keeping a straight face I have trouble with.
It's this guy in my class...Bev. Even the name makes me laugh. He's a really close friend of me and Bf's, but he really is quite immature and almost everything he does turns into a retarded scream or something along those lines that splits my sides.
There is, of course, a reason for why this one boy makes my head fall off. It was when I had this parents were away...I had a few people (10) over for the night. It wasn't too bad apart from the odd raving freak threatening to knock someone out with an empty plastic bubblebath bottle (a group of people just took her home because she was discustingly drunk- although I swear I only saw her drink one beer...). Aaaaaanyway; Bev got cork poisoning from an old bottle of port, which later turned out to be a bottle given to my parents at their wedding that they were saving for their 25th anaversairy (again with the spelling!!)- I don't understand why my parents torment me like this! You simply do NOT leave an un-opened bottle of the nicest port in the back of your alcohol cupboard when you have a teenage daughter!!!
Bev was throwing up for a bit, then I tucked him up in my bed (which I later disinfected). At about 6am he came out of my room covered in vomit, his hair all sticking up...with a cannot expect to be laughed at for the rest of your immature days when you let something like this happen to you...
Ever since then me and BF have exploded with laughter and shouted 'BEV' whenever we see someone who looks slightly weird. For example, we saw a man scratching his armpit. Yes, we need to grow up.
Just incase you're wandering- yes I did get in trouble for this party. I am basically grounded til im 16 -.- UNFAIR!!! But so worth it....

MMG xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 22 April 2007

This Power

What a great start to the weekend friday was...i had a FAT argument with my BF (boyfriend...until I can think of a better name for him) We've made up now, but only after he had groveled at me feet. Over the phone.

Here's what happened:
The boys were bundling (running around and trying to start a huge crowd of people jumping on eachother) and BF got involved, but unlike the normal male kind (im starting to question wheather he IS male or not..), he got really pissed off and walked off swearing at himself.
Being the girlfriend I decided it was my duty to go after him and see if he was okay. But when i tried to hug him he just shoved me away and said "Why the F*** do you always tell people to do this kind of thing to me? Just F*** off, F*** off!!" and he just walked off. I am NOT one to be shouted at like that, especially seeing as I'd just blown off an 18-year-old FOR BF!
I just shouted back "What the hell?! I didn't do anything to you! Why the hell are you having a go at ME???!!!!" and yes, I sweared a bit too, but I am the one in the right here!
He was being talked to by a few of my friends, and some of my friends were talking to me, but i was SO angry and i just burst into tears (discreatly, I didn't want BF to know I was more upset than I was angry). After like 5 mins, he came over to me and tried appologizing (please excuse my spelling, my parents are too selfish to get jobs which pay for me to go to a private school..i have to go to a scrutty state school). THE NERVE!!!!!! Shouting at me like that and expecting me to forgive him straight away! I thought he knew me better than that, I like him to suffer when we've just had an argument.
Apparently he was crying. Of course he was crying. He loves me, and he doesnt want to lose me because of my GIGANTIC BOOBS! I know im making him sound like such a horrible person, but he really isn't. We were best friends for ages, and now we've been going out for centuries, well, 6 months. He isn't one of those high status boys who all the girls want, hes VERY good looking though, he just needs to...develop a bit. I really love him though.
Anyway....On saturday afternoon, he called me, and apologised to me, I told him that if he didn't start putting more effort onto the relationship, then I'd break up with him. I mean, I always call HIM, I always arrange where we meet and what we do...I know he loves me, he just doesnt show it when were not in the same room or building.
Then I went off to this party that BF wasn't invited to. It was a really good party, but unfortunately I came home rather drunk and ended up spewing at 12am. Nice night.
BF texts me:
I really understood what you said and I do need to change. I really care about you and I need to start showing it, all I want is for you to be happy no matter what. I love you so much, you mean everything to me.
I ALMOST DIED!!!! He is so sweet, I hate how easily I fall in love with people.
I've just been on the phone to him, god he loves me. I love having this much power over a boy's life, I could be so destructive. Why am I such a nice person. My mother tells me I should use my power only for good, not evil. This power runs in our family. My mother has it, her mother had fact, her mother had it so bad, that she got proposed to 32 times a different people.
Oh dear...starting to get sexually fustrated...STOP IT!!! I have 'makeout withdrawal', i get it quite a lot when I've been away from BF for more than 2 days, just being with him forfills it though...usually.

I've just worked out that I was christined Moany Miss Groany by my parents when i was seven. I personally think it's geineus.
Well im going, bye
xxxxxxxxx MMG

Thursday, 19 April 2007

the rest of the Cuba tale...if you're interested

So, hottie had just explained his feelings to me. I was touched, but not enough to actually take things seriously. I just burst out laughing.
When my mum came downstairs...finally, we went off to 'Casa De la musica'- the nightclub. I was terrifyed that this time I might be asked for ID, but I wasn't :) in fact, I was told how beautiful I am. By a 40 year old beer belly. When we got past the bouncers hottie was asked to show his ID!!! HAR DE HAR HAR! Loser.
I danced with him again, but this time we got a bit more...'into it'. We were basically rubbing up against eachother, which I thought was quite odd and I started to feel uncomfortable. I suggested a rest.
He tried to kiss me.
It was SO HOT!!! But I didn't -.- I am far too trustworthy to my beloved boyfriend. Damn my strong catholic beleifs. I told him I was in love with my boyfriend, and I'd feel bad if I kissed another guy. He seemed to understand, but he carried on trying to kiss me throughout the night anyway.
I don't understand how it's so possible for boys to be such pervs.

I know it sounds like I really hate this guy. But the truth is, I CANNOT stop thinking about him! At like 3am we got back at the hotel, and he tried to get me alone to say bye to me, for it would be the last time he'd see me. But of course, being a complete idiot, i blew him off.

It took ages for me to get to sleep that night. Why the hell am I so damn needy? I constantly need boy attention!!!! I don't know what I'm going to do when I grow to become an old trout. I'll have to get married. Ha! Then my husband will have to put up with me.

The next day, just before we were about to check out, Hottie came running into the hotel lobby! He'd come straight from his football game- just to see me. God, I felt so privelidged!
He gave me a rose. I almost cried, he was so romantic! But he was obviously just trying to seduce me in order to get me to kiss him, which I didn't in the end because i'm such a nincompoop.

So...there it is. The one holiday romance I will probaly ever get. And I had to have a boyfriend. I am so unlucky. I bet my mum actually arranged for me to meet this guy JUST so I'd be upset about leaving him. It's the kind of thing she's likely to do.

Hottie said he'd wright to me, and so far...he hasn't. And it's almost been a week! He wont wright to me, I know he wont. He's probaly forgotten about me. OR he's been payed by other phsyco parents to seduce their daughters and he's too busy writing to them.
Either way, I don't think he'll write to me.

I made the mistake of telling my boyfriend about hottie. Of course, I didn't reffer to him as Hottie at that particular time, for obvious reasons. Now he's giving me lectures about how I promised I wouldn't cheat on him, which MAY I POINT OUT- I didn't.

I'll talk about my actuall life tomorrow.. Yay. You get to hear more about me.
I've been reading (reading is something I very rarely do, and any authors who's books I've read should feel very proud, Louise Rennison being one).
Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MMG

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

What actually happened in Cuba

Basically, I had a crap time and im not going to even mention details apart from the fact that I met a random Cuban lad who declared his undying love for me. Uhuh. He was, I have to say, devestatingly hot.
On the first night in Havana (yes Havana, the apparently 'famous' capital of Cuba, although I, for one, had never heard of it) I was sitting down at a table in the lobby with my family just staring up at the ceiling, when at the corner of my eye, I noticed someone staring at me. I HATE being stared at. Well actually, thats a lie. I don't mind people staring at me, as long as they're not an ugly, topless, old man with a beer belly.
...Anyway, so this guy, dark hair, red t-shirt (why do I remember that?!), dark eyes was looking at me :)! I looked back, and we shared a moment until I almost choked on my sandwich. After that I just went upstairs to bed and didn't think of the incident until the same thing happened the next day (without the sandwich part), except this time when I walked past him to get to the lift, he stopped me. He asked me to dance (of course, I didn't understand what he was saying until he actually stood up and mimed dancing with a partner. Not my fault I don't speak spanish...). I froze. What the hell am I s'posed to say to that?! Blaitently I ended up saying no because, well, he's Cuban, and so obviously dances 86635672million times better than me and im too proud to admit that I could show myself up so easily to a BOY. He looked sad, and I went to bed. My mum came up and told me that he'd gone up to her and asked her to bring me back down. So she asked me, but im lazy so I said no.
[[Sorry readers, this is'nt suposed to be so utterly boring.]]
I ended up, and I don't remember how, going to an over 18's salsa night club!!! (SO cannot beleive I got in!!) It was me, my mum, my mum's friend, and Hottie (the hot guy) Yes..we danced but thats pretty much it. The me and the family went to the other side of the island for a week, and got back to the Havana hotel on the friday.
We met Hottie and my idiot of a 'caring' mother, left us alone not realising that her daughter doesn't speak spanish! He tried babbaling something at me, but I just gave him the blank "god I really wish he'd shut up" look, so he took me over to this strange, mysterious man who, afterwards turned out to be a security guard. The mysterious man translated what hottie was saying to me. Here's what I got out of it: I love you, I didn't stop thinking about you the whole week and I'm crazy about you. Dude....not the kind of thing to tell a 14 year old girl from the other side of the world when you've only known her a week. Especially when Hottie is 18!!! (did i mention he was 18??)
I bet you readers are interested now! But I'm tired so I'm gonna wait until next time I use the computer to finish this off. HA CLIFHANGER! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MMG (moanie Miss Groanie)

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Im a teenager. 14. Why am I writing a blog? Because I moan too much. Yes. Thats why. My parents don't like the way they brought me up, so they decided that instead of ruining their entire lives completely, they'd rather I put all my 'feelings' on the internet for the whole world to read. I didn't think it was a good idea but I did it anyway, although it probaly wont be very succesfull seeing as I have'nt even done my GCSE's yet. And even when I do ill probaly end up failing every single exam, apart from food tech (my teacher has fallen in love with me) which really can't be a very appealing qualification if I want to be a performing art's teacher...well I guess I could always cook my pupils.
Ok, here we go! I haven't been ALLOWED to have friends anymore! My parents took me away to bloody Cuba so I was away for the whole of the easter holidays, being unable to socialise with anyone who even speaks the same language as me. Thats why they did it. Just to irritate me. They didn't want to go to Cuba. Of course they didn't, it means spending compulsary time with their children. And nobody on this planet truely wants that. They kept going on about how amazing it was there and "Ooooooh! I would have LOVED to come here when I was your age, you should think yourself lucky!"- my mum. Why? Why? Why should I think myself lucky? It's not like I asked to be taken to a place where even english school teachers only know how to say 'hello, I have brown hair'. My mum speaks spanish, but I don't. I don't understand why languages can't be genetic. It's so simple and it would make everyone's life so much damn easier.

God my life is too full of the most difficult things. I'm thirsty and the fridge is in a different room. Im going to go now, more tomorrow, if my mum doesnt decide to take me away to Amsterdam...