Thursday, 3 May 2007

I'm Dying

I've been off school for 3 days (which i s'pose is a good thing).
I'm not ill NOW really, I've been taking medicine and I'll hopefully be able to go to school tomorrow...well thats what I said yesterday. I woke up this morning feeling like I'd been swallowed and spat back out by a passing llama. Not very nice at all. I couldn't move at all. AT ALL!!! I thought I had some strange rare disease that I was going to die from! Then again, thats what I always think, I take after my mother. I'm a hypacondriat (I don't think even Einstein could ever figure out how to spell that...). Those who don't know, a hypacondriat is someone who just assumes the worst is going to happen to them, and they're always sure they're going to die.
This really isn't a good thing. When I go on holiday, I always just assume that the plane will crash and I'll die, but I act like it's the most logical thing.
I think I should go see a phsyciatrist.

I GAVE MY ILLNESS TO BF!!! *angry face* HE'S SO BLOODY SELFISH CATCHING MY DEADLY DISEASE!!! Now I wont be able to see him for God knows how long...and I'll start showing serious makeout withdrawal symptoms!!
Dear God,
Please help BF to GET BETTER and STOP CATCHING MY ILLNESSES. It's okay when I'M off school, because I can just sleep, read and watch Tv all day. But when he's off school and I'm not, the day is so boring...All in all, I will promise to pray to you every night if-.... I just dropped spagetti down my top...HUMPH...I will promise to pray to you every night (if I can think of anything to pray for) if you force BF into school tomorrow!!!

I saw some very very attracive boys indeed today...extreamly hot. Sex gods in fact...
But I'm taken. Do you have any idea how tragic it is to have a boyfriend?!
Yes it's nice, but it means no tarting yourself up to attract boys, and thats half the fun of being a female human!
But I guess im stuck with BF. But to be fair he is by far the sweetest boy i know (who isn't gay). He has a really pretty face and sort of skater/emoish black hair. He's quite short but he'll grow (if he stops smoking) and he has bright blue eyes. And a FIT smile...and he loves me.
He's always telling me how pissed off he is about how he looks like a girl...but boys who look like girls when theyre young always turn out to be BLOODY HOT!!!!!

Tired...going to go...bye
MMG xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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