Sunday, 13 May 2007

Feel sorry for me!!

I'm crying...why am I crying? There are drops of salt water escaping from my eyes, rolling down my face (which I pampered today using several different skin products!!).
Nothing has happened to me to provoke these tears, at least not that I know of. My subconscious must be having a bad day, or maybe I pushed my brain too hard with all this revision. Either way, the point is, i'm crying.

BF hasn't called today...neither did he yesterday. He MUST have been thinking about me every second just like he says he does. Not. I simply refuse to call him, I want to see if i'll ever see him again if I don't call him (apart from at school).
Oh!!! Wait!!! I just remembered he texted me this morning saying:
I feel really ill, I've got tonsillitis tb. (and he didn't even say 'xxx' at the end...I texted him back saying: Oh no :( thats horrible I hope it doesn't last long for you.

SEE!!! I can be a nice person! I comforted him (over texting), and he just didn't text back -.-
The only time in 3 centuries when he texts/calls me is to ask me to feel sorry for him.

ARE ALL MEN LIKE THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
---my mum says they are.

I hope all men aren't like that, because I'm quie a lot like that. And if I'm ill at the same time as whoever ends up being my husband, I won't have anyone to feel sorry for me.
I'll have to live with my mum and dad forever (well, not my dad, because if we just so happen to be ill together, then we'll be fighting over mum's attention). Meanwhile, my sister (who by then will be an adult) will probaly be a lawyer or something like that. That's just how things turn out, the younger sister is always more succefull.
I bet if my parents hadn't been so selfish, then I'd be an A* student. But NO. They had to pick stupid jobs which payed barely anything JUST so that when I got a little sister they'd get better jobs and suddenly be able to pay for her to have a good education. That's how life is.

What's this? I've stopped crying, goodness me. I've got a dry tear line down both of my cheeks. Nice, now I have to replenish the skin on my face again. OR, I could work on making myself ill so that BF would have to feel sorry for me!, thats phsychotic.

Good night. Im going to read some girly magazines to pamper my brain.


Oscarinho said...

I do feel sorry for you, dear cos.
Yes, us men are all like that, we actually lack the genes that would make us able to understand girls. But over the years, and with some experience, we do learn how to treat you properly. Where's your next post? I've had nothing new to read from you in several days, and since I spend most of the day working on a computer I need something new from you to read and keep me amused. xoxo

MG said...

I wouldn't be so sure about your little sister getting a better education than you. At least we both HAD jobs when you were little. Now we don't and I am a writer - one of the world's worst paying jobs ever. So you may yet be the better educated one, sweetheart. Also, your younger sister shows no interest in reading, much like you at her age.