Sunday, 17 February 2008


Me+Kaz= Over

Me-Kaz= Tears

Kaz-Me= Happy, apparently...not exactly in those words, he said he still liked my but thought it would be better if we finished it before things got worse. For example, he stood me up on valentines day :) Yes, he fell asleep.

In my opinion Kaz-Me= no life
But I would prefer him to be happy, and I agree, that is SO not me. Whats also not me is the fact that im crying about breaking up with a boy, usually it's ME doing the breakup and I dont cry afterwards....I usually cry at the time...but I've been crying on and off since we split up. Everything reminds me of him....even THIS reminds me of him, WHY?! I was listening to a song called 'Now You're Gone' which reminded me of him and i broke into tears. Oh well, I know I'll get over it in a matter of not sure if i actually miss HIM...i think i just miss having a boyfriend and affection on tap. My mother suggests not getting a boyfriend until summer so I can concenterate on my work, but I'm gonna start having flings....and I don't want to....wait...If i dont want to....why dont I just NOT?

Shut up now.



Monday, 11 February 2008

Life. (Nothingness)


God it feels good to write this thing...its been about 3 weeks....maybe 4..whatever its just been a very long time for me, stop accusing me of lies.

Anyway....not much has really fact...actually nothing has happened.

Things I can remember:
1. Z and Dino are now going out....I have to say I think I might actually be happy for which case I may have to punish myself chocolate for 5 minutes.
2. It's valentine's day on thursday, and I have a boyfriend for it =]
3. I'm very sorry to say, but there really isn't anything new and significant in my life.

I need inspiration. Would anyone like to do the honers? (of giving me inspiration)

Hmm having a boyfriend makes my life boring. WHat will I do when I'm married?

Oh well