Thursday, 19 July 2007

At home.

Me and BF have broken up.

I would leave it at that so that you guys would have to actually spend some time thinking about what you have just read, but that would just be clever. And I'm not clever.

We'd been having quite a few arguments lately and we kind of realised that we were growing apart.
Now I understand why long relationships at 14/15 only happen when both the boy and girl are complete loners and don't have any friends apart from eachother.

Our personalities grew apart. Because we'd been going out for 8 months and hanging in school with different groups, it was only normal to different ways.

WHAT? why am I listening to high school musical?
I'm learning the harmonies :) Doing quite well actually.

I still have strong feelings for him, but it got to the point where all we had in common was the fact we were going out. Sad, isn't it?


Don't fall off your chair, it's not sensible.

I know it's quite fast, but I already like this guy call him Jack (its not his name)
I've liked him since before I was with BF...but I was already basically going out with BF so it would have been wrong. So now that I've prooved that he didn't come out of nowhere...
I've been distant friends with him but now we're really close.

He really likes Z who is/is supposed to be my best friend, which I respect because she's pretty and can be nice. So I'm being there for him, but lately shes been a B-I-T-C-H. She keeps changing her personality around different people. That gets annoying...she always wants to appear as the leader of me and Shar (my other best friend) as in always trying to stand in between us.

I AM NOT A 'POSSY' KIND OF PERSON!!! (unless I'm the one who owns the possy)

She's been treating Jack SO badly, she's so rude to him but flirts at the same time. And today, she did something rather abnormal...she shoved a stick lengthways into his CROTCH then just walked off laughing like she really didn't care.

'OUCH' he said, and then he curled up into a completely round ball and was trying to prevents himself from throwing up for literally ten minutes. Me and Shar comforted him because he stated that he felt like he was having a baby. Yep. It looked pretty painful.

So now me Shar and Jack have fallen out with Z. :) Very girly isn't it?

Off to have a shower nightey night.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

At school, again.

I've gotten into the habbit of adding posts to my blog at school.

Despite the fact that everyone can see what I'm writing...I don't care. =]

I had an argument with BF yesterday. Hahaha...It's funny when things like that happen. I used to get very upset about it.
Now I get more angry than upset. He wont learn salsa, so I may have to kill him.

Oh dear, someone is reading it over my shoulder.
I might write more at home, but thats what I thought I'd do yesterday. So I probaly wont.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Convertable Boy

At school, nothing else to do other than write this.
Being talked at. Something about cars.

I saw a picture of Hottie today, WHILE I was sitting here in food a computer room. The boy I'm sitting next to; Convertable Boy. Yes. its his own fault for being so utterly obsessed with cars.

REPLIES TO COMMENTS (WOW! I have 2 comments! Oh...they're from the same person -.-)
Oscarinho said...
Moanie,yes, I know, we can't help posing when exposed to a camera. No, I don't live in Japan, right now I live in Brasil, but by october I'll be back in Mexico and will join you for part of that trip. Already told your mom I'll take you for a cousins' night out. Fun guaranteed! Right now I'm at the Sao Paulo airport, on no sleep, after partying, bound to Buenos Aires.Posted in English, bit sentimental:

Me said...
Oscar, yes, I would love to have a 'cousins' night out'. What would that include? Dancing? Or would it be more like the 'cousins' DAY out' where I go to an indoor city where I'm forced to do child labour?!
Okay, yes, I admit I did enjoy my days at the City of Children (i'm sure you've heard of it).
I read your blog, I enjoyed it. Did you write in English so I could understand it? Or was it because you forgot how to speak spanish due to your duration in Brazil.
Thankyou, once again for reading my blog. See you in October.

Oh, the bell
Bye xxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Operas are all in weird languages...

God it's been a long time.
As you've guessed, I've made up with Naz...don't blame me...I suddenly started feeling like a bitch. For some reason I didn't realize how much of one I was being.

I called her and appologized, and now we're good friends again.

I've had endless coursework and haven't found any time to write my beloved blog. Not much has happened...apart from the fact that right now I am, against my will, listening to some crap opera song. I think it's in Italian. Or German. French. or some other language that only exists because I can't understand it.
I'm going to Mexico in October! It's going to be either terrible, or bareable. It may even be fun.
Oh, two interesting letters in the post today - one with my dad's name on it, and one addressed to me!
Mine was sealed but empty and had a Queens College post mark on it.
My dad's letter was also sealed, but strangley had something in it. (It also had a queens college post mark on it).
Inside this mysterious letter was a sheet of paper explaining health and saftey...Yes.
It also mentioned 'knife skills' and 'lace up shoes'.
All we can think of is that it is some mutated form of a letter accepting my catering work experience thingy. Although it doesn't mention my name on it at all, it also doesn't say who it's from.
I think i'll get along with these people.

Oscarinho said...
dear Moanie,looks like Vicky Pollard took over your blog today and she was doing the posting! I haven't posted anything in English but it's not like I'm destroying your life anyway. There are some pics from a party I just threw if you wanna check 'em out.

Me said...
Hello you. Yes, I admit, it was in fact the Vicky Pollard side of me who was writing.
I looked at the pictures, I'm guessing you're the one in green who appears in every single picture?
The one who has an obsession with making strange faces.
I'm exactly the same in front of a camera...I literally cannot help posing.
Looking forward to seeing you in Mexico, if you come with us...I don't know, my parents don't tell me anything. For all I know, you might live in Japan.

Anyway, im being forced to go to a street party today. Better go and get showered and ready seeing as i've been awake for 3 hours.

Adios xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MMG