Saturday, 7 July 2007

Operas are all in weird languages...

God it's been a long time.
As you've guessed, I've made up with Naz...don't blame me...I suddenly started feeling like a bitch. For some reason I didn't realize how much of one I was being.

I called her and appologized, and now we're good friends again.

I've had endless coursework and haven't found any time to write my beloved blog. Not much has happened...apart from the fact that right now I am, against my will, listening to some crap opera song. I think it's in Italian. Or German. French. or some other language that only exists because I can't understand it.
I'm going to Mexico in October! It's going to be either terrible, or bareable. It may even be fun.
Oh, two interesting letters in the post today - one with my dad's name on it, and one addressed to me!
Mine was sealed but empty and had a Queens College post mark on it.
My dad's letter was also sealed, but strangley had something in it. (It also had a queens college post mark on it).
Inside this mysterious letter was a sheet of paper explaining health and saftey...Yes.
It also mentioned 'knife skills' and 'lace up shoes'.
All we can think of is that it is some mutated form of a letter accepting my catering work experience thingy. Although it doesn't mention my name on it at all, it also doesn't say who it's from.
I think i'll get along with these people.

Oscarinho said...
dear Moanie,looks like Vicky Pollard took over your blog today and she was doing the posting! I haven't posted anything in English but it's not like I'm destroying your life anyway. There are some pics from a party I just threw if you wanna check 'em out.

Me said...
Hello you. Yes, I admit, it was in fact the Vicky Pollard side of me who was writing.
I looked at the pictures, I'm guessing you're the one in green who appears in every single picture?
The one who has an obsession with making strange faces.
I'm exactly the same in front of a camera...I literally cannot help posing.
Looking forward to seeing you in Mexico, if you come with us...I don't know, my parents don't tell me anything. For all I know, you might live in Japan.

Anyway, im being forced to go to a street party today. Better go and get showered and ready seeing as i've been awake for 3 hours.

Adios xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MMG


Oscarinho said...

yes, I know, we can't help posing when exposed to a camera. No, I don't live in Japan, right now I live in Brasil, but by october I'll be back in Mexico and will join you for part of that trip. Already told your mom I'll take you for a cousins' night out. Fun guaranteed!
Right now I'm at the Sao Paulo airport, on no sleep, after partying, bound to Buenos Aires.
Posted in English, bit sentimental:

Oscarinho said...

btw, do you ever waste time on msn?
i'm a fan of that.
add me if you want

Rena said...

You write very well.