Monday, 18 June 2007


Oh my, I haven't blogged for...a few weeks. I hate that feeling of destroying everyone elses lives (well...the one or two readers I have) just because I cannot be arsed to get my butt onto the computer. Actually, I love it.

Nothing has happened lately. My life has literally been starved of interesting happenings other than writing an essay on how Arthur Miller creates tension in Act 3 of 'The Crucible'. Oh but one thing did happen in the last week. It's about my, well she wasn't really a very good friend and now, isn't in fact a friend of any sort. You see, she would never listen to what I had to say, unless it was something completely about her, or advice for her to use in her minor problems. I did not like her very much at all. But you know when you really really like someone and everythings fine and your all best friend like?....Well that wasn't how it was at all. She's one of those people who lives on your street who follows you around everywhere and forces you to go out to town with them when you'd rather be clipping your toenails watching the teletubbies.
All Naz would ever talk about was her boyfriend (and now ex-boyfriend) and how much she hated one of my best friends, and whenever I tried to change the subject to something that wasn't all about her, she'd tell me to shut up and let her finish...even though she had finished.
[This girl, Naz was one of my friends who was with me when the whole 'let's sleep at Z's house over night, her parents wont notice' situation, and the next morning when I CAME BACK TO HELP TIDY UP, refused to help and said it would all be fine and then led muddy footprints going all the way to my front door!!!]
I really need to take this somewhere.....
hmm...yes! She broke up with her boyfriend Iglentine a month ago, and a week ago, my friend Shar made out with him because she's really liked him for ages (she completely stayed away from him when he and Naz were going out, but Naz knew she liked him and instead of considering Shar's feelings, Naz just blanked her for 3 months and gave no reason whatsoever for it). Naz found out what Iglentine and Shar had been up to and had the biggest spaz and made the biggest scene in the history of spazzes and...scenes(?). She was crying and was getting really annoyed and angry. She had a right to be upset, I'll give her that...but she had NO right to be annoyed and angry! HE WAS NOT HER BOYFRIEND ANYMORE!!!!!!!!

Now the whole situation has all got very messy and stupid because me, Z and Shar have all fallen out with Naz and really dont like her (it's a good excuse to ditch her actually...). Because Naz is, in fact, a man (or a man-look-a-like), all the boys are really good friends with her, so the only friends shes got are boys....and a few of those boy's girlfriends like her...I think.

Haha...everyones calling us bitches for ditching her!!! I love being a bitch, it makes me feel like such a.....girl. :D


Oscarinho said...
Hey moanie! You finally wrote something!! You have no idea how boring my life was, sitting in front of the computer all day long with nothing amusing to read.My blog has been terribly abandoned lately. I'll let you know when I post something you can read. Sometimes I post in English, Spanish, or Portuguese, depending the mood I'm on. Andalucia didn't look that bad on the pics, but it's terrible they keep starving you from BF.xoxo

Me said...
Hello Oscarinho! Yes, I did finally write something, and I'm finally writing something again, now that I have people to please, I'm going to HAVE to start writing my bloge relitively frequently, and more often. Hmm, maybe Andalucia didn't look too bad on the pics, but I definitely DID look bad on them, they really need to cut me out and put a picture of a model on it instead.
They've stopped starving me of BF now...seeing as if they did, they'd have to surgically remove him from my hip before they started. He's coming to Switzerland with us, actually...which means I'm going to have to dig DEEPER to find bad points of being taken on holiday.

Can't look at a computer screen any longer, it's sucking all the energy from my brain and soon I'll have to feed myself hundereds of thousands of calories, which won't be good because then I'll have twice as much to complain about, and twice as much of me will be complaining.
I'm going to go, before my fingertips explode from over 'usage'.


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Oscarinho said...

dear Moanie,
looks like Vicky Pollard took over your blog today and she was doing the posting! I haven't posted anything in English but it's not like I'm destroying your life anyway. There are some pics from a party I just threw if you wanna check 'em out.