Sunday, 13 April 2008


Not too sure how much time I have to write this....the computer is likely to explode in...i dunno.....2 hours.....1 minute....who knows. (the battery is low)

Things that have happened since I last posted:

#I've started to like that guy that I mentioned (you know, the one who likes Shar?...) WAY more than I did before....but Im not gonna do anything about it cause of exams =]

#I've finished literally ALL of my coursework, thank CHRIST.

#I've taken a long plane journey to the other side of the universe (Brazil)

#I'm still AT the other side of the universe

#I've seen a rather large toad.

#I've kicked the rather large toad with my toe.

#I've got an AMAZING tan which I am thouroughly proud of!!

#I've tried to calm my sexual frustration (which is getting FAR worse than it should be) by almost drowning in the sea when being tumbled by waved taller than my 2 story house.

#I've seen the HOTTEST GUY EVER, and made eyes with him, and am hoping to at least SEE him again, (which I really wont).

They are all the significant things I can remember.

Everything else is a blur really...

Oh well.

and SPAZ, i PROMISE I will start commenting on your blog when I get back, it's just I have like NO time over here :(