Sunday, 13 April 2008


Not too sure how much time I have to write this....the computer is likely to explode in...i dunno.....2 hours.....1 minute....who knows. (the battery is low)

Things that have happened since I last posted:

#I've started to like that guy that I mentioned (you know, the one who likes Shar?...) WAY more than I did before....but Im not gonna do anything about it cause of exams =]

#I've finished literally ALL of my coursework, thank CHRIST.

#I've taken a long plane journey to the other side of the universe (Brazil)

#I'm still AT the other side of the universe

#I've seen a rather large toad.

#I've kicked the rather large toad with my toe.

#I've got an AMAZING tan which I am thouroughly proud of!!

#I've tried to calm my sexual frustration (which is getting FAR worse than it should be) by almost drowning in the sea when being tumbled by waved taller than my 2 story house.

#I've seen the HOTTEST GUY EVER, and made eyes with him, and am hoping to at least SEE him again, (which I really wont).

They are all the significant things I can remember.

Everything else is a blur really...

Oh well.

and SPAZ, i PROMISE I will start commenting on your blog when I get back, it's just I have like NO time over here :(



MG said...

Hey girl. That's a fair number fo achievements right there, nothing to be ashamed of. Will be interested to see if your new small-town-Brazilian crush lasts the week...

Oscarinho said...

How long have you been in Brasil for? Surprised about hearing you've only had one crush so far. hehe

Chu said...

Well, Oscarinho is surprised you've had only one crush, but I'm not: I've been to Natal in December last year and the ONLY cute guy I saw travelled to Pipa the day after we returned from there. Frustrating.

But I'm sure you've seen loooots of beautiful places and beaches and you've got an amazing tan which you're proud of, so I guess it's been a good time here in my country. It's a shame you won't have time to come to São Paulo. Here you'd see some hot guys! ;-)

Spazology said...

Yay! Your gonna visit [my blog]! Do you like in Brazil? Brazil always seemed like a romantic place to vacation in my opinion... Well im REALLY not feeling inspired now but I have to write a whole blog entry so tootles!