Thursday, 27 March 2008


I've just finished ALL my IT coursework =]

You may have guessed that I'm in an IT lesson right now. Well, I am.

I only have about 15 mins to write this, I had a major urge.

Remember I told you about Towel?

Well, I liked him for a few days...kind of do now, but he's ridiculously shy around girls, in fact, he'll probaly get shot for it =]
So, you know me, if I have to work to hard to get something that I don't want THAT much...I'll give up, and I've now, officially given up :)
Only took me a couple of days, go me, I'm maturing. (no snide comments from Oscar thank you very much)

I'm interersted in someone else...a tiny bit, but he likes shar, and shar like him a tiny bit, but she said shes not gonna do anything about it.

I wont tell anyone about this guy, cause when I do, I always get more into them. Which wouldnt be good, cause then Shar would probaly start to like him (my luck indeed) and they'd go out and ID be the one crying in the corner. Nono, I think I'll pass on that. But, I'm sure there will be more to tell you about this guy, who BY THE WAY, is not a normal teenager...he's never been into girls until recently, but he's BLOODY hot. *sigh*

I need to concenterate on my exams which are coming up painfully soon. PAINFULLY soon.

I did well in my terminal task today though...don't know what that is??
Well, the name "terminal task" kind of says it all...we have 25 minutes to compose a peice of music 16+ bars long. I enjoyed it though, I'm actually good at that kind of thing, believe it or not.

Ha, I bet I'll get around 3 out of 30 now I've said that...

WOAH, someone just threw talc n powder all over Ginger kid...I think I called him OEL...not sure though. That someone was Towel...haha, im an idiot.

Okay, I think I'm going slightly crazy, seeing as I just saw the outline of a moustache in my head.

Kill me, kill me now. :)




Oscarinho said...

No snide comments from me then, hun.

Terminal task sounds a lot worse than it actually is.


Spazology said...

where have u been? you havent commented on my blog since... well since the last time you commented. ah well.