Thursday, 6 March 2008

The Show...and the continuation of getting over Kaz.

Hm, I know it's only been a day since my last blog...but it's just so hard to keep away from my adoring fans...(sarcasm)
The real reason is that I just wanted to express my anxiousness AND excitement(...well...something in between one of those two), about the show tomorrow (tomorrow being friday)!

Just incase you, for some reason, haven't read every single one of my blogs religiously and check it every day to see if I've written another post, then you might want to know (and there is also a possibility you do not want to know, in which case, please direct your cursor to the small X in the top right hand corner of the window) about the show I'm a part of at a little stage training thingy called Stagecoach.

The show is We Will Rock You...its basically a really badly written play based around Queen songs which have been ultimately POPifyed by the beloved Ben Elton. I've got the part of Scaramouche, who's pretty much the leading character's (Galileo) sidekick/lover. Oui, I have a few solo's and I'm on stage quite a lot, so i'm pretty excited about THAT part of it...the only part I' worried about is...well....

The whole of ACT 2!!!!! =)

We've barely blocked the FINAL scene which is s'posed to be the best part of the show, the part which the whole audience are SUPPOSED to remember and leave thinking "hmm, what a fantastic show, the direction in the last scene was FABULOUS, it created a tremendous ending! I wish I could see it again!". But in fact, they will probaly be leaving thinking..." started off pretty good....but the end ruined it. Why on earth did I waste my time on this when I could have been wrapped up in a duvet eating strawberry cheescake flavoured ice cream with a long spoon, watching Shrek 2 behind a locked door? =)".

I might just be assuming the worse...but you never know!

But in the end, at least we have fun DOING the show.

I hope it turns out okay...

By the way, the Kaz situation since yesterday is pretty good, it doesn't pain me to think about him doesn't make me upset...which for some reason actually makes me stop thinking about him!!

That could always be because I haven't seen him in practically 2 weeks...which is slightly gay, cause I would actually like to stay friends with him...but if he doesn't want to I guess that's his choice. oh, and in school on tuesday....or monday...not really sure what day it was, I'm sure it won't really make a difference to the story...
he was standing outside our science room, and i went to say hello to him, and he seemed SO uneager to talk to me...i mean, fair enough...but he could at least try to be civil.

Anyway, i'm moving on now, I'm pretty much over him, it was a fun relationship while it lasted..well...some of it. And I learnt something extreamly important!
NEVER EVER listen to a guy when they tell you they think it's best if you tell them their faults...I think thats the main reason why we split up. Every time he upset me or pissed me off I would tell him about it in a really 'hello-I'm-going-to-suffocate-you-until-you-become-the-perfect-boyfriend-for-me" kind of way. I started getting pretty pathetic towards the end...I just got really moanie and didn't think of how that might make him feel...I allowed myself to get upset too easily.
He toughened me up a lot though, I'm don't regret our relationship now, thinking about it I really did learn a lot.

I'm gonna be a good girlfriend next time I find someone...hopefully!!! (which I wont, because I've decided to just lao guys unless they come to going out of my way for any guy from now on....unless im in a relationship.)

But unfortunately..the cosmic horn is starting up again, and there's no one to take it out on. I'm SO sexually frustrated. Hmm I'll just call Kaz-.....WAIT, he'll get freaked out nd hang up. (even though he doesn't have a phone atm...)..yeah, actually, sorry to moan on at you, but is it normal to still be extremley attracted to your ex about a month after they break up with you?? Well it isn't for me, but for some reason it's happening. My imagination's getting carried away every time I see him...too much information?...I think not!!

I wonder what he'd say if I suggested being friends with benefits...not even friends...perhaps just two people who go to the same school who never talk with outside of school benefits...hmm...I know what I'd say if he asked me :D
If he wasn't oh so intimidating I would suggest it....oh well.

hahaa, I'm a pathetic freak who's turning into a pathetic geek with a very large sex drive!!

oh.....AND I'm working in school!

The only problem right now is that my cat has done a rather large poo behind the kitchen door...oh well, life's good!




Anonymous said...

ello again. Its Anonymous 2 (the relationship inept one) you can call me Spaz cause thats my nickname. I would gladly switch hormones with you. I can always seem to end relationships relatively easy and stay friends with the guy. But just to warn you guys always tend to look at me as a friend. also just talk to Kaz! He seemed like a great guy and from what Ive heard (read?) he wouldn't mind talking to you. They usually want to be friends (unless they end things with the brutal 'don't call me again' in which case i am very sorry.) as long as they have 3 - 7 days to avoid you they usually pick things right up (minus the kissing) If you enjoyed his company so much so much shouldn't it be enough?

Lots of Love,
Spaz xo

Anonymous said...

unless you guys became friends with benefits. then kissing would be fine :]

Ok seriously im going now.


Anonymous said...

OKay last one I SWEAR. Should I make my own blog? It would be rather boring I have to say seeing as my life is boring, and you would probably shoot yourself in the foot. Just a thought. Buh Bye now. Promise.


Moany Miss Groany said...

Of course you should write your own blog!!!!! (thanks for the advise by the way :D)

If you wrote a blog it would give me something other to read than my insight to someone else's life! And believe me, you're life cannot be three quarters as boring as mine...I just explain things in a way that rambles on to make it seem like I have something interesting to talk about...when most of the time the climaz turns out to be nothing less elephant's trunk(?) if you see what I mean.

Spazology said...

its anonymous. I made my own blog. my mutter said she wanted me too, and my friends wanted to read it. Lets hope they dont get too upset by the end...

Spazology said...

o and in case u didnt figure it out the blogs name is spazology.

and actually it is surprisingly not as boring as usual. i ran into some drama =/

Moany Miss Groany said...

I'm gonna read it RIGHT now =]

And btw, if you read my first EVER post, it will explain that I was forced by my 'mutter' out of my will to write my blog. hehe


Spazology said...

same here!!! but i guess you know that... Lemme take a look at your first ever post. I may leave a comment. I cant gaurentee. I cant spell either. I got ficklitis (disease of fickleness)

Oscarinho said...

You're going to travel soon, ain't ya? Thank god you're single. You'll find a lot of hot people where you're going. They'll go to you, won't make you go out of your way. Good place to be single, trust me. hehe