Monday, 17 March 2008


Why do guys purposefully make my life so difficult? Not anyone else's...just mine.

Anyway, going completely off the topic of guys: I'm completely over Kaz...and it feels AWESOME. Apart from the fact that I feel like a complete idiot for being on him in the first place...oh well! He doesn't speak to me anymore.

But blah blah, i went to a party this weekend and got to know this guy called...erm....Towel...okay, yeah that one did literally just come off the top of my head...but Towel it is (for those complete losers who don't know how I roll, Towel is in fact NOT his real name, but just a nickname I've decided to give him so people who I know who so rudely find some way of reading my blog without my permission don't know if im bitching about them or not..although most of them could probally guess anyway...) So yeah...Towel...we got on really well at the party and exchanged numbers...he goes to my school mut we've never really spoken before, he's quite shy...wait, I'm just going to kill my keyboard breifly...
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Oh god that felt SO good!!!! I think I might have to do it again, but this time I'll delete it afterwards...

ugh again with the feeling goodness.

I don't feel like writing actually...I'll have to finish the story when I feel more inspired =]

this'll keep you waiting




Celular said...

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Spazology said...

Why Moanie? Why just why would you do that? Why would you just make us wait. I want you to tell us. I am not a patient teenager. I want to know wahat happened to T ( I can't say towel it just makes me laugh ) Ah, well. I guess I'll have to wait. Btw, havent heard from you on blog. Already driven u away with boredom? It's okay I understand. I get that reaction alot.

~Spaz~ xoxo