Friday, 30 November 2007

Sweet, but Sickening

Ha, funny story...

I decided to 'lao' (forget about) Vani. He's just too sickeningly sweet. TOO sweet. As in I would have to hit him 5 times a day to prevent him from saying anything which might force me to throw up. For example, he said that He was listening to the 'sweetest thing' (it's a song) and thinking of me...this guy is gonna get shot sooner or later. This put me RIGHT off him.

So a few days ago, this is how our conversation went on msn...

Vani: I've been thinking about you a lot.
Me: Aww lol
Vani: And I've been thinking that maybe we should take this fling of ours to the next level.
Vani: As in, become an item?

(I was gagging by this point)

Me: Oh sorry, yeah. I dunno, we don't really know each other very well...and like, I've got SO much work to do atm.
Me: So yeah, it wouldn't be good if one of us got hurt over it. So we should probably just leave it?
Vani: lol yeah I completely agree, it was just a thought.

And then the next day he sent me a text message saying:

Hey, haven't spoken in a while. What are you doing over the weekend?
I dunno what I'm doing but I know I'd like to see you at some point...
cya . love xxx

Haven't spoken in a while my ARSE.
I just didn't text back.

He can't be THAT obsessed, Ive only met him twice...

Anyway, now THAT'S over.

I do actually REALLY want a boyfriend, but the reason why I didn't give him a chance is because I think I should choose really carefully, cause I HATE breaking up with people. And I also HATE being in a position where I know I have to break up with someone cause I've gone off them.
So my new policy is: If I meet a guy who tells me/acts as if he's interested, I will first have to be thinking about him non-stop before I let anything get serious. (By serious, I don't mean actually serious, cause I'm only 15 remember...) He must be good looking (body and face) enough for me to not go off him physically, and he must have a personality which I can be completely myself around without there ever being any awkward moments. And he MUST make me laugh. Vani didn't make me laugh, I made HIM laugh. Not the way to go.

I hope I did the right thing...

I'm really enjoying writing this while listening to 'One Vision' by Queen, very relaxing.
UGH still half an hour left of school...

I've got my mocks in two weeks. I'm SO nervous.

By the way, just so you all know. I am now OFF the general horn and ON the Cosmic horn (a very painful mental condition where you get BADLY sexually attracted to everyone of the opposite sex, even if they are butt ugly. And if they're even remotely good looking...that is bad.). I HATE it. I was actually crying because of it yesterday. I swear, my hormones are driving me MENTAL.

Hmm I think I'll play some games to ward off all this sexual tension.



Tuesday, 20 November 2007

I think I'll write another post...

On my last blog I said I'd explain the pimps and hos party.

I'm not sure I want to.

But assuming you all (2 of you, including me, who doesn't) want to hear the story, I think I will. Well, what I can remember...

We looked amazing, very amazing. Not in a good way though, in an 'I-certainly-belong-in-a-brothel' kind of way. After being told at stagecoach that I wasn't worthy to carry out the role of 'Meat' in the musical 'We will rock you', and that I should, in fact, be playing Scaramouche (the main girl...[I know]) and then watching the girl who was at first, supposed to be playing her, crying at being informed that she wasn't a good enough actor, me and Shar left half an hour early to get ready for the party. We went into the changing rooms to get changed and apply impossible amounts of makeup, then we were forced to model our outfits to the rest of our group and the dance teacher. They were all amazed, which was good. I think.

After meeting our pimps (boys from our school dressed in suits, top hats and holding canes) we walked to summertown to get alcohol. Which worked tremendously well. I shared 2 bottles of beer and a large bottle of Smirnoff-ice with my pimp (Adam) and then consumed other alcoholic beverages which I just took from peoples hands while walking around the party.

Yes, I got off with two guys. (Oscar, how dare you insult me for that, I'm only 15 you cant expect me to get MORE in one night) It was quite a good night, but looking back, I kind of wish I had just NOT got off with these guys.

And I was hungover on the way to Mexico.

And I watched the film 'Georgia Rule' on the plane, which made me inhumanly horny.

Which was bad, because I had to be away from boys for 2 weeks.

After mexico I went to work experience. I'm not going to say much on that topic other than: I became a slave for a week. But I got on with the people at least, and they said I can come back to visit whenever I want for a cup of tea. So I im ever in town and feel like a cupa, I know where to go.

Now my life is based mainly around:

...which may sound alright, but it's not. I've been spending a lot of time around the 'Europian boys', these guys I met over the summer hols from the Europian school in Abingdon. They're cool, and good for partying with.

There's a problem, though. About two weeks ago, I took some of my friends (only girls) to a party at one of their houses, and we all got off with one or more people. I went there looking for a guy who might be a candidate for a relationship. And I kind of found one. He's nice, fairly good looking, and really likes me now. I like him, but the problem is...I think he might be quite boring. Or just shy, shy would be good, but If I can't brake his shell, how on Earth am I s'posed to know him? He's obsessed with football, half italian and is fluent in italian...which I like, of course. But aren't Italian guys s'posed to be dicks? (sorry...but they do tend to be horribly pervy). So the big question Vani... (his name, I've decided) he human?

I'm at school, so therefore, should go. Please shed your thoughts on my comment box...referring to these questions:
1. Should I get to know him before deciding he's not worth it?
2. If I DO get to know him and find out I don't like him, would that count as leading him on?
3. Should I just be a bitch and stop talking to him to give him the message?
4. Should I just go out with him even if he IS boring...?

(all these questions are based on me assuming he doesn't have a personality)

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX MMG...funny how my mum's name is MG...