Sunday, 3 June 2007

They've done it again!

No. Just, no. -I would leave it at that, but I have far more interesting things to say, and only MY mind would understand it if I were to read 'no. just no'.
What I'm trying to say is that my parents just stuffed me into a car and drove/flew me to Spain. I was there for FIVE WHOLE DAYS. I was given no warning of this whatsoever, and whats worse, is that we didn't even get to stay in a hotel. They took me into a place which, at first I thought was a concentration camp, but later found out to be a high class (cheap, but high class in my parent's standards) campsite with small two bedroom bungalows.
See what I mean? Well, if you were sad enough to read my first post way back in...April then you would completely understand what I mean..........and what I mean is that my parents seem to take me away from my friends at every possible oppertunity JUST to annoy me.
At least this time I brought a friend, and I got to share a bungalow with her too. But still...I would preffer to be given more notice of such events as these.
I say I had no warning, this is not entirely true, but I was told last year and then it wasnt mentioned to me again until I woke up as I was being dragged into the car. (God it feels great to get back to slagging off my life online)

After saying all this, I did, in the end have a good time. But that fact is completely beside the point of being starved of BF.
I got back on friday at about 12am, but I saw BF the next day and we had a really good time together and my makeout withdrawal went away. After a while...

MY REPLIES TO COMMENT(S)-i never get more than one -.-

Oscarinho said...
I do feel sorry for you, dear cos.Yes, us men are all like that, we actually lack the genes that would make us able to understand girls. But over the years, and with some experience, we do learn how to treat you properly. Where's your next post? I've had nothing new to read from you in several days, and since I spend most of the day working on a computer I need something new from you to read and keep me amused. xoxo

Me said...
I do feel sorry for me too. And thankyou for agreeing with me, you're the first male who has. BF is getting there...but he's only fifteen so I can't expect him to treat me properly yet without receiving a lecture about how hard he's trying and how he's still 'immature'.
Thankyou for caring about my blog, it's nice to know there's someone else out there who likes to read it other than my mum...I'm sure if I told my friends about this they'd read it and I'd get lots of comments, but then again, after reading this some of them would no longer be my friends...
Thanks for reading Oscarinho, I would read yours too, but sadly, my Mexican genes for speaking spanish haven't quite kicked in yet. xxxx

UGH!!! My mum still hasn't shut up about Cuba!!! She keeps showig me videos of bands we saw live and telling me how amazing it is not only to see a famous band we'd already seen live, but to see them in a video as well!!!!!! Mum, get over it. Please.

Oh, it's 10pm...and I'm not asleep. This cannot be good seeing as I have to go and pretend to learn tomorrow. Acting to teachers takes too much energy away from a teenage girl.

Adios! (oh look, they're starting to kick in...)
MMG xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Oscarinho said...

Hey moanie! You finally wrote something!! You have no idea how boring my life was, sitting in front of the computer all day long with nothing amusing to read.
My blog has been terribly abandoned lately. I'll let you know when I post something you can read. Sometimes I post in English, Spanish, or Portuguese, depending the mood I'm on. Andalucia didn't look that bad on the pics, but it's terrible they keep starving you from BF.