Wednesday, 11 July 2007

At school, again.

I've gotten into the habbit of adding posts to my blog at school.

Despite the fact that everyone can see what I'm writing...I don't care. =]

I had an argument with BF yesterday. Hahaha...It's funny when things like that happen. I used to get very upset about it.
Now I get more angry than upset. He wont learn salsa, so I may have to kill him.

Oh dear, someone is reading it over my shoulder.
I might write more at home, but thats what I thought I'd do yesterday. So I probaly wont.

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Oscarinho said...

Haven't heard bout your days in City of Children, but I was thinking more in a night-life and dancing day out.
I didn't forget Spanish. I post in English, Spanish, or Portuguese depending on my mood. It is usually English cause it is the one language the 5 people that read my blog have in common.