Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Convertable Boy

At school, nothing else to do other than write this.
Being talked at. Something about cars.

I saw a picture of Hottie today, WHILE I was sitting here in food tech...in a computer room. The boy I'm sitting next to; Convertable Boy. Yes. its his own fault for being so utterly obsessed with cars.

REPLIES TO COMMENTS (WOW! I have 2 comments! Oh...they're from the same person -.-)
Oscarinho said...
Moanie,yes, I know, we can't help posing when exposed to a camera. No, I don't live in Japan, right now I live in Brasil, but by october I'll be back in Mexico and will join you for part of that trip. Already told your mom I'll take you for a cousins' night out. Fun guaranteed! Right now I'm at the Sao Paulo airport, on no sleep, after partying, bound to Buenos Aires.Posted in English, bit sentimental: eiheiheih.blogspot.com

Me said...
Oscar, yes, I would love to have a 'cousins' night out'. What would that include? Dancing? Or would it be more like the 'cousins' DAY out' where I go to an indoor city where I'm forced to do child labour?!
Okay, yes, I admit I did enjoy my days at the City of Children (i'm sure you've heard of it).
I read your blog, I enjoyed it. Did you write in English so I could understand it? Or was it because you forgot how to speak spanish due to your duration in Brazil.
Thankyou, once again for reading my blog. See you in October.

Oh, the bell
Bye xxxxxxxxxx

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