Monday, 11 February 2008

Life. (Nothingness)


God it feels good to write this thing...its been about 3 weeks....maybe 4..whatever its just been a very long time for me, stop accusing me of lies.

Anyway....not much has really fact...actually nothing has happened.

Things I can remember:
1. Z and Dino are now going out....I have to say I think I might actually be happy for which case I may have to punish myself chocolate for 5 minutes.
2. It's valentine's day on thursday, and I have a boyfriend for it =]
3. I'm very sorry to say, but there really isn't anything new and significant in my life.

I need inspiration. Would anyone like to do the honers? (of giving me inspiration)

Hmm having a boyfriend makes my life boring. WHat will I do when I'm married?

Oh well



Oscarinho said...

Dani (gf) and I are un-celebrating Valentine's by not seeing each other; we just hate the date. Can't believe your life is boring with a bf, mine has turned into so much fun, but then again, I'd prolly not be blogging bout it.

Moany Miss Groany said...

Yeah, loads of my friends un-celebrated....strange people, although, I think ill lao valentines day from now on.

And EWW about the not blogging thing...