Monday, 21 January 2008

IT lessons

Are crap. And boring.

It's not that we have a bad teacher, we have a good, nice teacher...but I am just not remotely interested in computers. At all!

If we wanted a future working with computers we would have taken Digital applications for GCSE, and some people did. But most people didn't, and we should be allowed to have a maths or English lesson or something actually important!

All you need to know about computers, is how to send an email, and access the Internet.

And apparently create animations...

We don't need 6 years of IT lessons to learn THAT!

oops...the teacher just looked over my shoulder and is now addressing me as 'Moanie Miss Groanie'. Quite right too.

Kaz and I are getting on really well...i mean it probably wont be long until we have intense arguments...but isn't that what teenage lives are all about? No?

I beg to differ.

*Saves as Draft*

It is now 15:49

I am at Kaz's house now, I didn't have enough time to finish writing, so I decided to save, rather than just close the window.

Clever, aren't I?

UGH, can't think of anything to write about! I hate it when that happens. Does it ever happen to you?

Hmm, why would I even bother asking, you're not going to reply to the question (unless you happen to be Oscar) you're all stupid adults or intelectual people who are either aren't reading my blog, reading my blog because you want to laugh at me, or because you feel sorry for me (no offence if you're actually ENJOYING reading this).

Anyway, nothing new = nothing to write about, I was just bored in IT...OKAY!





Oscarinho said...

Yes, it does happen.
I'm glad not to be a stupid adult or an intellectual person.

Moany Miss Groany said...

hmm....i think you may be wrong about not being an adult.

You're age seems to tell me different.


Oscarinho said...

might be an adult, just not a stupid one though...

careful with your reply ;)


Moany Miss Groany said...

*careful*....thats all I've got.