Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Cosmic horn has disintegrated!!!!

For the first time in 76854 BILLION years, I am Specifically Horned!!!

YUP! Attracted to only one person, and not every living thing. Although, I can't type on this keyboard...

I have a new bf now =) But he wont be called BF, he'll still be called Kaz. Even though its not his name.

Can't really write today, so don't flood me with insulting comments.

I get on with him well. But he can be a bit of a bastard sometimes. =) <--- I need to stop using that face.

He's standing right behind me so I will therefore not be writing about anything he might hit me with. (verbally)

Crap, I'm making him sound like a complete...horrible person. He's really not. He's ACTUALLY nice. I used to hate him though, which is cool. Also, I'm moanie miss groanie, so he MUST be nice if he's willing to put up with me.

Also, he actually ASKED me what I wanted to do on valentine's day...boys I usually go for (ie. old BF) are either too stuck up themselves to ask what someone ELSE wants to do, or they just don't make any effort of that kind until the day before valentine's day...(old BF, I've forgotten what I called him...).

Anyway, I'll stop boring you, although the subject I'm about to scratch down into the keyboard (what!?) is probably 10000 times more boring.


I'm back at school now. I've only been back for 2 days and I already want to blow it up.
Hmm...nah, I'll get found out. Everything I do I always end up getting caught as my mother so kindly pointed out to Kaz at the dinner table...so no heroin for me!!!

...that was a joke...I'd never do heroin...people who take it DESERVE to get addicted and die...in the nicest possible way. =) (again with the face)

I'm reading a book called CANDY. It's SO good. I read some of it the other night, and I'm actually traumatised because I couldn't sleep because I was so desperate to find out what happened...I had to make it up in my head when I became too tired to even hold my eyes open with match sticks. That is the definition of a good book. Speaking of books...my mother's book will be coming out in the next few weeks :D

But I'm not going to say anything about it because firstly it might reveal my identity, and secondly it has hardly anything to do with moi. And if you want to read about my mother, read her blog...NOT MINE!!! I'm more interesting than her anyway...she's not a teenager and is therefore the most boring being on this planet (apart from all the other non-teenagers).

I have ACTUAL science GCSEs next week...YAY!!! I'm SO excited. -.-

(just in case you suffer from lack of sense of humor, that was sarcasm).

But what I just said in brackets was not sarcasm, if you lack a sense of humor, I seriously suggest you have one inserted.

OH GOD!...specific horn (not cosmic...) ATTACKING!! must go...




Oscarinho said...

Congrats on achieving the specifically horned status!
Nice way to start the year.
As for me, I start fresh with lots of options.
Off to play football.


Moany Miss Groany said...

unlucky/lucky...how can I merge these words together?...


Have a good footballness.


S. said...

hey, FUNNY blog, i've just started one but its... mmm. yes.
i also love georgia nicholson books, i cry laughing when reading them. have you read twilight? tis good. i know im a randomer talking to you, but yeah. im curious, are you one of the populars at school or what??

Anonymous said...

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