Tuesday, 15 January 2008

I washed my hair BEFORE school today...it was horrible. My head froze over. I usually just have one before bed, but Kaz was over til like 9:30 and I wanted sleep before the exam today so I couldn't be arsed.

Uhuh...exam. We've got a biology exam at 1:15 today, it's so depressing. If I get lower than a C i'll retake though. And what kills it is that on top of all this revision i've got to do, our teachers, who each assume THEIR subject is the most important, even if it IS citizenship (which has no importance to me whatsoever) , all are giving us homework. So I have no time for ACTUAL important things like seeing Kaz and watching TV. I also need to cook my final cook...for food tech which I really cannot be bothered to do, AND I need to do all the coursework....which is even more boring. Why did I take food tech? My teacher said:
"Josie I'm really quite concerned. If you don't cook every single lesson and assume that cooking is the only thing you're good at and what you enjoy doing most, then you might not get an A*!!!"
(Please note that the text in red, she didn't actually say, but she was thinking it, I could see it in her eyes.)

And finally, I have to kill my P.E teacher, because she said that every lesson I don't bring my football boots I'll have a lunchtime detention. Even though I don't have, and will never have a pair of football boots. It's not fair..I'm not paying like 30 quid for football boots just so I can please and happyfy my lesbian PE teacher. She can pay for it herself. Also, If I did buy them, I would only be using them for the next 2 weeks (that's 3 lessons), until we move onto gymnastics or fitness or something. There really is no point. Maybe I'll just have to endure the pain of not being able to go to G-Town for a few lunchtimes. Nope, I'll just kill her.

Me and Kaz had a little spat yesterday morning, it wasn't really a big deal, we were both just in bad moods...and he was a bastard to me.

We were walking with our usual crowd of people (ie. Naz, Z and Max, who isn't significant enough in my life for me to give him another name) And we were walking slightly ahead...and he wasn't talking, like, at all. So I asked him if he was alright...and this is how it went...

Me: Are you alright..?
Kaz: No.
Me: really?
Kaz: No.
Me: So which is it...are you okay or not?
Kaz: I'm fine, stop asking me.
Me: Oh...do you not like it when I take an interest in your feelings? (my mother pointed out that all boys despise that kind of question...oops)
Kaz: I answered you didn't I? (in a chav accent, because, sadly...he is a bit of a chav...but in a good way)
Me: ....yeah, but-
Kaz: *walks off*

This is how it was from my eyes...it might not have seemed like he was doing anything wrong to him...but I'm a girl, a fragile, soft creature...my skeleton is on my inside...maybe boys aren't like that. Maybe boys are secretly ants. If you are a boy and are reading this blog, feel free to answer anonymously telling me if you are an Ant. If you fail to do this, my curiosity might get carried away and I will be forced to experiment on you. (Boys in general).

So....after school at like 5, after I had done some revision =D , I went over to his house to explain why I had completely blanked him all day...he was on the way out of his house when I got there, and it was raining...(what a pathetic fallacy that was...) and he looked at me and came up to me and gave me a hug and said sorry...and we sorried at each other. Then we went inside his house and spoke about things.

Turned out it had just been a bit of a misunderstanding...he thought that I walked away from him..as in fell back to walk with Naz and Z...but I saw it in a different way. After all, I AM a bit of a hypochondriac. Have you noticed my spelling has gotten better lately? Is has hasn't it.

That's because I'm cheating by using the spell checker. HAHA! I'm maturing.



Me and Kaz are very happy again...good. Yep, I know.





Oscarinho said...

So, dating a chav, eh? hmmmm

I loved the a fragile, soft creature bit; I almost bought it.

I reckon you expect me to tell you whether I'm an ant. Well, no, but some of us boys do like to be left alone when moody, and expect you to come to us at the right time, not earlier, not later. Yes, it is unfair, but you'll get the knack eventually.

Did you just aknowledge or consider the possibility of you becoming mature? Most impressive.
I'm going out with a girl now, she's quite a bit older than me. I must be maturing too.


Moany Miss Groany said...

Oh dear...what is your obsession with older girls...

And don't you dare accuse me of becoming mature!!! Only I can put myself down!

Also, I think you might be lying about not being an ant...or maybe it's just that you don't actually know...and there is a micro chip in your left nostril which restricts you from knowing that you are,in fact, a six-legged insect with anteni and a very small brain.

Or maybe thats just MOST boys...and seeing as you are minorly related to me, you cannot, possible be an ant, because that would mean that I would have to have SOME ant genes. And I clearly don't.