Thursday, 10 May 2007

Complete and utter stupidity.

I got in trouble!!...but sadly, didn't get suspended. Partly because, well, it didn't really have anything whatsoever to do with school.
It's quite a funny story, actually. It really brings out all the stupidity in me.
Here's what happened... My best friend...Z (thats what I'll call her until I think of a better name for her) went to Wales for the weekend. Usually when she goes away I have to feed her rabbits, which I would very much like to object to because I'm such a lazy bum, but unfortunately, I take it as my duty to my best friend, Z :). This time, she only mentioned to me that she might be going away for the weekend and that she MAY need someone to feed the rabbits, but that was the last I heard of it.
On the night she was gone, I was with 3 of my friends and I didn't know whether I was expected to feed her rabbit, so we went down the road to her house and went into her garden to feed the rabbits. The first thing that popped into my mind when I went around the corner of her house was: "Why the hell is her back door open?!".
Of course there was a reason for me thinking this, otherwise I'm sure I'd be considered a much weirder person than I am already thought of now. The back door had been left open. I mean, yeah, like you do, just leave your back doorwide open so anyone could just dance in. They are SO damn lucky it was ME to 'dance' in, rather than some complete phsyco!!!
I stepped in, and shouted 'hello, hello, hello...hello?'. No one was in, just as I had suspected. We were all quite worried, so I called Z on her mobile and told her about the open door. She went pretty mental over the phone, she was terrifyed of what she thought her mum would do to her if she found out Z had left the back door unlocked (later we found out it wasn't Z's was her Mum's!!!). She simply refused to tell her mum, and that was final. My friend Iglentine (not his real one's called that) suggested that we stayed the night there to look after the house. Obviously we all thought it was stupid but we kept our mouths shut and went ahead with it. Z SAID WE COULD!!! She actually gave us permission to sleep in her house while
1) Her parents were away
2) She was away WITH her parents and wouldn't be there to keep an eye on things!
I didn't stay the night there, I wasn't allowed (I didn't tell my mum what we'd actually be doing, I said I wanted to stay at a friends house- Im such a rebel) so I just stayed there until 10:30, which was still stupid. We invited our friend...Rawr, yes thats what I'll call him, and he was with his complete idiot of a friend (who doesn't even deserve a fake name) Michael. We did have Z's permission to invite Rawr, but we know she hates Michael. I said on the phone to Rawr that if he was with Michael then he shouldn't come, because Michael wasn't invited.
Who did he end up bringing?....Michael. I tried my hardest being responsible not lettig Michael in because I know how loud and disruptive he is, but no one backed me up, they are obviously not big enough, so we ended up letting him in.
We got caught. Of course we got caught. Teenagers just can't do anything without getting caught, we're not allowed to. Everyone hates us.
Z DID SOMETHING VERY SILLY INDEED!!!! When she and her parents got home, they noticed the closed blinds, and that my friend had stupidly left his swimming stuff there. They just assumed someone had broken into their house, so they called the police. Why the hell didn't Z just confess and start grovelling?!?! That's what I would have done. Of course, she didn't, she just thought we'd be able to get away with it.
The next day Z's mum cameup to my door with Z and had a go at me for being in her house. She started crying and it was all very very not good...she told me about how shed had ferensics in (however on jupiter you spell that) and how she'd change the locks and had the police in. I told her the whole story, and when I got to the part about speaking to Z on the phone...she gave Z the most disappointed look I'd ever seen anyone give...anyone.
You can probaly guess what happened from there. It's all got very stupid and silly and upsetting now. Me and Z were given most of the blame, although I did as much as any of my 3 friends...and Rawr & Michael. I told my mum about what happened before Z's mum marched up to my house, so she was happy with me about that, so i'm not in trouble with my parents. My mum just thinks I'm stupid, which is nothing new.

I really can't be arsed to write anymore, my fingertips hurt.
Goodnight xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMMG

---Z's mum wants us to pay for changing the locks -.- Bitch.

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MG said...

Michael doesn't deserve a fake name! LOL.