Wednesday, 2 May 2007

God I am so immature

Oh, I almost forgot I had a blog.
I can't really remember what has happened in the last week, so it can't be at all interesting.
We've been doing these drama workshop thingys which go towards our GCSEs. This means a LOT of improvised acting...which for me, is not good. I'm so bloody crap at acting, I really have not got a clue why I took it for GCSE! I s'pose I'm getting a lot better, its just keeping a straight face I have trouble with.
It's this guy in my class...Bev. Even the name makes me laugh. He's a really close friend of me and Bf's, but he really is quite immature and almost everything he does turns into a retarded scream or something along those lines that splits my sides.
There is, of course, a reason for why this one boy makes my head fall off. It was when I had this parents were away...I had a few people (10) over for the night. It wasn't too bad apart from the odd raving freak threatening to knock someone out with an empty plastic bubblebath bottle (a group of people just took her home because she was discustingly drunk- although I swear I only saw her drink one beer...). Aaaaaanyway; Bev got cork poisoning from an old bottle of port, which later turned out to be a bottle given to my parents at their wedding that they were saving for their 25th anaversairy (again with the spelling!!)- I don't understand why my parents torment me like this! You simply do NOT leave an un-opened bottle of the nicest port in the back of your alcohol cupboard when you have a teenage daughter!!!
Bev was throwing up for a bit, then I tucked him up in my bed (which I later disinfected). At about 6am he came out of my room covered in vomit, his hair all sticking up...with a cannot expect to be laughed at for the rest of your immature days when you let something like this happen to you...
Ever since then me and BF have exploded with laughter and shouted 'BEV' whenever we see someone who looks slightly weird. For example, we saw a man scratching his armpit. Yes, we need to grow up.
Just incase you're wandering- yes I did get in trouble for this party. I am basically grounded til im 16 -.- UNFAIR!!! But so worth it....

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