Sunday, 22 April 2007

This Power

What a great start to the weekend friday was...i had a FAT argument with my BF (boyfriend...until I can think of a better name for him) We've made up now, but only after he had groveled at me feet. Over the phone.

Here's what happened:
The boys were bundling (running around and trying to start a huge crowd of people jumping on eachother) and BF got involved, but unlike the normal male kind (im starting to question wheather he IS male or not..), he got really pissed off and walked off swearing at himself.
Being the girlfriend I decided it was my duty to go after him and see if he was okay. But when i tried to hug him he just shoved me away and said "Why the F*** do you always tell people to do this kind of thing to me? Just F*** off, F*** off!!" and he just walked off. I am NOT one to be shouted at like that, especially seeing as I'd just blown off an 18-year-old FOR BF!
I just shouted back "What the hell?! I didn't do anything to you! Why the hell are you having a go at ME???!!!!" and yes, I sweared a bit too, but I am the one in the right here!
He was being talked to by a few of my friends, and some of my friends were talking to me, but i was SO angry and i just burst into tears (discreatly, I didn't want BF to know I was more upset than I was angry). After like 5 mins, he came over to me and tried appologizing (please excuse my spelling, my parents are too selfish to get jobs which pay for me to go to a private school..i have to go to a scrutty state school). THE NERVE!!!!!! Shouting at me like that and expecting me to forgive him straight away! I thought he knew me better than that, I like him to suffer when we've just had an argument.
Apparently he was crying. Of course he was crying. He loves me, and he doesnt want to lose me because of my GIGANTIC BOOBS! I know im making him sound like such a horrible person, but he really isn't. We were best friends for ages, and now we've been going out for centuries, well, 6 months. He isn't one of those high status boys who all the girls want, hes VERY good looking though, he just needs to...develop a bit. I really love him though.
Anyway....On saturday afternoon, he called me, and apologised to me, I told him that if he didn't start putting more effort onto the relationship, then I'd break up with him. I mean, I always call HIM, I always arrange where we meet and what we do...I know he loves me, he just doesnt show it when were not in the same room or building.
Then I went off to this party that BF wasn't invited to. It was a really good party, but unfortunately I came home rather drunk and ended up spewing at 12am. Nice night.
BF texts me:
I really understood what you said and I do need to change. I really care about you and I need to start showing it, all I want is for you to be happy no matter what. I love you so much, you mean everything to me.
I ALMOST DIED!!!! He is so sweet, I hate how easily I fall in love with people.
I've just been on the phone to him, god he loves me. I love having this much power over a boy's life, I could be so destructive. Why am I such a nice person. My mother tells me I should use my power only for good, not evil. This power runs in our family. My mother has it, her mother had fact, her mother had it so bad, that she got proposed to 32 times a different people.
Oh dear...starting to get sexually fustrated...STOP IT!!! I have 'makeout withdrawal', i get it quite a lot when I've been away from BF for more than 2 days, just being with him forfills it though...usually.

I've just worked out that I was christined Moany Miss Groany by my parents when i was seven. I personally think it's geineus.
Well im going, bye
xxxxxxxxx MMG

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