Thursday, 19 April 2007

the rest of the Cuba tale...if you're interested

So, hottie had just explained his feelings to me. I was touched, but not enough to actually take things seriously. I just burst out laughing.
When my mum came downstairs...finally, we went off to 'Casa De la musica'- the nightclub. I was terrifyed that this time I might be asked for ID, but I wasn't :) in fact, I was told how beautiful I am. By a 40 year old beer belly. When we got past the bouncers hottie was asked to show his ID!!! HAR DE HAR HAR! Loser.
I danced with him again, but this time we got a bit more...'into it'. We were basically rubbing up against eachother, which I thought was quite odd and I started to feel uncomfortable. I suggested a rest.
He tried to kiss me.
It was SO HOT!!! But I didn't -.- I am far too trustworthy to my beloved boyfriend. Damn my strong catholic beleifs. I told him I was in love with my boyfriend, and I'd feel bad if I kissed another guy. He seemed to understand, but he carried on trying to kiss me throughout the night anyway.
I don't understand how it's so possible for boys to be such pervs.

I know it sounds like I really hate this guy. But the truth is, I CANNOT stop thinking about him! At like 3am we got back at the hotel, and he tried to get me alone to say bye to me, for it would be the last time he'd see me. But of course, being a complete idiot, i blew him off.

It took ages for me to get to sleep that night. Why the hell am I so damn needy? I constantly need boy attention!!!! I don't know what I'm going to do when I grow to become an old trout. I'll have to get married. Ha! Then my husband will have to put up with me.

The next day, just before we were about to check out, Hottie came running into the hotel lobby! He'd come straight from his football game- just to see me. God, I felt so privelidged!
He gave me a rose. I almost cried, he was so romantic! But he was obviously just trying to seduce me in order to get me to kiss him, which I didn't in the end because i'm such a nincompoop.

So...there it is. The one holiday romance I will probaly ever get. And I had to have a boyfriend. I am so unlucky. I bet my mum actually arranged for me to meet this guy JUST so I'd be upset about leaving him. It's the kind of thing she's likely to do.

Hottie said he'd wright to me, and so far...he hasn't. And it's almost been a week! He wont wright to me, I know he wont. He's probaly forgotten about me. OR he's been payed by other phsyco parents to seduce their daughters and he's too busy writing to them.
Either way, I don't think he'll write to me.

I made the mistake of telling my boyfriend about hottie. Of course, I didn't reffer to him as Hottie at that particular time, for obvious reasons. Now he's giving me lectures about how I promised I wouldn't cheat on him, which MAY I POINT OUT- I didn't.

I'll talk about my actuall life tomorrow.. Yay. You get to hear more about me.
I've been reading (reading is something I very rarely do, and any authors who's books I've read should feel very proud, Louise Rennison being one).
Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MMG

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