Friday, 4 May 2007

My cat is on heat!

I love having a boyfriend :) Sometimes it gets really fustrating being stuck with one guy, but at least it's the guy i've got. (God, that sounded so soppy).
I went to his house today after school. It was so nice to be with him after basically not seeing him for a week (because i've been ill).
I'm running out of a life, I have nothing to blog!
It's all my parent's fault for making me have such a boring life.

Ha! My cat is on heat. She, yes, SHE tried to rape me. Well she tried to rape my arm, and now I have scratches all down it. But I know she loves me anyway.
I'm going through a phase of finding every single male I see attractive. Why??!! I have a boyfriend, I don't need other guys! I must be on heat, I caught it from Isa (my cat).
By the way, her name is Isa, as I said, and it is pronounced: eesa...NOT EYESA.
The amount of times ive been corrected for calling her EESA is ridiculous. She's MY cat, and I choose how to pronounce her name.

REPLIES TO COMMENTS from the blog entry before this one..
mg said:
It's PSYCHIATRIST and HYPOCHONDRIAC.Please baby, learn to spell.

Me said:
Obviously you understood what I was TRYING to say. So no. I won't learn to spell :) I'll take my time. xxxxxxxxxxxxx Thankyou oh so very much for reading.

[[OH!!! I just remembered Mondays a bank holiday so i get a long weekend YESSSSSS!]]

Bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MMG

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