Wednesday, 10 October 2007

My family are selfish.

The deed is done.

Yesterday, I spoke to Fred at break time and we came to a decision: We're gonna stick as friends.

Shame for him though...see, I'm going to this 'Pimps and Hoes' party on friday at my friend's house, there are like 30 people going.

I've got this AMAZING outfit which I have to say I look quite sexy in...I don't think I should describe it though because they'll probably be an internet lock down in which my blog will probably be either deleted, or for some reason emailed to every single person in the world along with all my personal details. But that would just be the worse case scenario.
I'll be going to Mexico the next day...probably with a hangover, but in the most sophisticated way I can possibly say this: I'll be able to do anything bad or embarrassing, because by the time I get back from Mexico 2 weeks one will remember and it will have died down. But anyway, it will be a shame for Fred that we are no longer going out (not that we ever were, mind you...) because I will be free, and I'm in a veir big headed mood today, so I think I'll risk saying that in what i'm going to be wearing at the party...I'm gonna get a lot of boy attention.

I got a 20 minute detention today because I don't actually HAVE any football's completely my mum's fault, she refuses to buy them, and if she does buy them, they'll be cheap savvy ones. My mum is so bloody selfish. So is my dad. And my sister. Where do I get my genes from? I'm the only person in my family who hasn't got an ounce of selfishness in my body. Even my CATS are more selfish than me! And my SELFISH parents only give me bloody £115 a month. What on EARTH am I supposed to buy with that?!

I'm angry now, and I'm on a mission with the person next to me to figure out who this random girl who added him on facebook is...(I'm still in school...)


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Anonymous said...

I know this is a older entry but i have to commetn on it. I actually think that the worst case scenario is that it will be sent everywhere and you will alot of stange old insane wrinkly stalkers with beer bellies. but thats just me.