Monday, 6 August 2007

General Horn

oh wow.

Why do I keep leaving such long gaps between each post? I can't remember what state my life was in last time I wrote my blog.

Lets see...oh me and Z have made up. Twas bound to happen. Not going to go on about it, it was the usual 'lets never fight again' thing, although I highly doubt that will last.

Anyway, I already like someone new someone who is not Jack. His name is Dino (there is actually a funny reason for that, but I wouldn't be able to explain it without writing his name, which would completely defeat the point of giving him a nickname in the first place), and I first started to like him when I had a 'thing' (a party with under 15 people) at my house. I had my eye on someone called Sufur (again, not his real name), but he had cut his hair so I decided not to. Me and Dino got really close and ended up...getting off. I'd never thought of him in this way before, but suddenly, I did.
I didn't start to actually have feelings for him until after the next night when my friend Arthur had a 'thing' at HIS house. Me and Dino did the same again.

Thing is...completely contradicting what I just said, I do kind of still have feelings for Jack, but im not sure if I actually like him in that way...or if I just like him as a friend. A goodlooking friend. A very good friend, almost worthy of the nickname 'Hottie' but thats already been taken.

I think I have the general horn. (stolen from Louise Rennison's Georga Nicholson series).

First there's the Specific horn: where you really like one person...but only one. This is probaly the most sensible to have, but as you may have noticed from reading my previous blogs, I am not the most sensible of people, so this one does not apply to me.

Then we have the General Horn: where you like more than one person in a sexual way. Guilty.

Finally, there's the Cosmic Horn: where you get sexual feelings for every person of the opposite sex (unless you happen to be homosexual or Bisexual). I get the Cosmic horn VEIR VEIR often. It is not good.

I got pissed off because a guy who was sitting at a table nearby in the hotel only looked at me twice, and that was it.

He must be gay.

I'm being really antisocial, and no one important is on MSN.




(bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMMG)


Oscarinho said...

Hey Moanie,

holly shit, I travel for a bit and pause from reading your blog and you break up with bf and get all general-horned. Such is life, eh?
Me, I'm back in Mexico re-organizing my life. Weird feeling

Anonymous said...

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