Tuesday, 18 September 2007


I'm at school now.

I'm sitting next to a guy with pretty much no hair who's playing 'Stick man ninjas'...sounds fun, huh. On the other side of me there is a guy who I may have to kill, or at least have severely injured, by somebody else of course. Maybe he'll get the message and just kill himself for me.

There's this completely pointless thing we've had to do at school, I may have mentioned it before. It's called an Active Citizenship Project (ACP). I'm not even going to explain what it involves, the point is, it's completely pointless and I haven't done it even though it was in for last Easter :).

The citizenship department (citizenship is compulsory GCSE at my school) have finally 'put their foot down' and decided that instead of letting me fail a subject that isn't going to get me anywhere in life, to keep me back after school for an hour and a half every monday and tuesday until I've finished it. So I'm gonna be going for a very long time.

AHHH the bell g2g bye xxxx explain more soon



Oscarinho said...

Well, gotta thank your mom for having you in England. That would never happen in a Mexican school.
Weekend starts today! I hope I get nearly as much action as you get in Ally Courts.

Moany Miss Groany said...

Hmm...that comment is no longer valid, has been weeks since i last blogged...