Monday, 8 September 2008


Look ------>
I put a picture you have a slight insight to what I look like.

I say 'slight' because it has been edited a bit...

Right, why am I choosing this particular moment to blog?
Because I've had something on my mind all day.

The thing I have on my mind:

Me and Bape are still together...but here come the problems...well...not a big problem, it just feels like it should be a problem.

I spent a few weeks (the only 2 and a half weeks we've been together) wondering what was wrong with him.
Nothing is wrong with least I thought...

His ONLY flaw, and it's not even that much of a flaw, is that he is so sexually driven...

We haven't actually had sex, I've decided I'm not going to lose my virginity until I'm in love.
We've done everything else though...already.
I'd prefer to blog this rather than tell people, cause I don't want him to find out and get pissed off or hurt.

We are really sexually compatible though, and I do feel a connection with him, and it feels right and all...but I feel like I should be worried...

I feel like I SHOULD feel like it's a bad thing that we're moving too fast.

Again, it feels right...but also I feel like I should feel bad...understand?

I tried lightly mentioning this today, but he just laughed it off.

He probably thought I was joking.

We spend a lot of time at eachother's houses, i mean we have actual fun too, we laugh we joke we cuddle we....yeah....we watch films nd fact, we watched the notebook (poor guy, he must've been bored to death) and I cried, which was slightly embarrassing.

I wanna DO something though!!...ugh

I think my problem is that I feel like I SHOULD feel like I wanna get serious...but then I know that he's probably just in it for the fun of being in a relationship.

But in actual fact...I'm not in love with him...(yet...hmm...i dont even know if i wanna fall in love again for a long time...)...our relationship is limited to a year because he's going off to uni next year...
Maybe I should just lay back and have fun...yeah, i guess thats just what i'll have to do.

Oh well. Apart from that minor problem, everything's going really well, and i really like him =]

School's fun (it won't be for long though...)

I have loads of double lessons...and barely anyone's in my music and philosophy classes...

I'm bored of this now.



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