Monday, 25 August 2008

Completely pointless post. (alitteration)

Feel like writing...(again), but I have nothing to say, so I'm going to tell an old story.

The day I got back from Newquay (i don't think I even mentioned I went to newquay...something overwhelming happened over there, something that depressed me so much when I tried writing about it that I had to actually delete the blog entry...)...I went to A's that night, and he was having a party. There was a HYOWGE mix of people there, I don't think it really worked to be perfectly honest.

I met this guy (briefly) called Angel (this name because he sings and plays the guitar, and a friend says he sings like an How do they even know what an angel sings like?).
So yeah, because I missed newquay so much, I wasn't very sociable. In fact at one point, i literally just went up to sit in arthur's bedroom on my own. Then I went home.

So when I told people I was going home, Angel randomly asked me why.

And I said...: "...Because I want to."

Angel: "You seem a bit depressed"

Me: *glare* "...yeah, kind of."

Angel: "what's up?"

Me: "no offence...but I only met you today, why would I tell you?"

Angel: "...oh."

Me: "bye"

Did I sound rude?
I did didn't I?
At the time, I didn't mind that I sounded rude...then a few days later I I couldn't give two flying washing machines.

Next day, a few of us went to uniparks...and surprise surprise, he was there.
I realised that he was actually pretty hot...but there was something weird about him.

He seemed slightly fake, no one else seemed to notice it, so i kind of pushed that thought to the back of my mind.

We made eyes.

We talked.

We laughed.

The next day, we spent the whole of it texting.

The next day, he asked to meet me in town.

So we did, then we went to meet people in the park.

Then we went to another friend's house...then they both came back to mine...then they both left.

Then he texted me....and I could still see him when he texted me...
what the hell?

He invited me to go over to his house.
I did, but i knew nothing could happen, because firstly, I've changed...slightly. Well I like to think I have.

Also, I had woken upp with impetigo around my MOUTH that morning...AND I was on my period...(i'm one of those freaks who thinks everything happens for a reason, so I took that as a 'sign').

So at his house, I started to like him...but I only told one person.
We had a good time...he played guitar and sang to me...which was a bit freaking out...too film like for me...I think I enjoyed it at the time...but now I can't tell.

He was like overly affectionate towards me as well...(seeing as we hardly knew each other and hadn't even kissed or anything).

He kept kissing me on the forehead...IN FRONT OF HIS MUM...


What a complete pervert.

That night I went to a party at Dino's house.
Angel barely spoke to me the whole time, which I actually didn't care that much about...the only thing I cared about was the fact that I had got alcohol IN MY IMPETIGO, and it KILLED.

I was crying cause everything seemed to be going wrong...and I missed that thing about newquay which I'm not going to ever write about.

So the next day, Angel texted me saying: "Hey howa you? How has your day been? Sorry I was a bit off with you at Dino's (and he put a kiss face)"

I texted him back being all like...."just incase you think I was crying about you...I actually wasn't..." (but made it more convincing...even though i ACTUALLY WASN'T)

He didn't text to that.

So then when I met Bape, a few days later, I completely forgot about Angel, which I'm very happy about, cause I've heard some stuff about Angel....he is SO not the person I thought he was...he's a complete player apparently. And really bitchy too (not right for a boy to actually be referred to as a bitch)

So.....the day before Bape got back from Bahrain, I met my friend VP in town. I got a text from Angel's friend TO (who I was really good friends with before he went on holiday), and he asked to meet me and VP. When we got there....Angel was there...who had got back from holiday 2 days before.

We somehow (against my will) ended up all going to the cinema together.

Angel sat next to me (I didn't sit next to him...he sat next to me....idiot)

He tried to lace fingers...and i elbowed him in the arm.

I'm good =]

I have such good will power

(i SO don't).

This story really doesn't feel complete to me...Maybe I should just leave it that way.

After all, it is MY blog.

Why should I have to follow standard procedures?

This is the place where I can write down my deepest thoughts without being judged by anyone who I can physically hit.

I like it that way.

The end.


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A's name is Arthur?

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