Friday, 22 August 2008


I just really feel like writing my blog right now.

I couldn't possibly be more up for writing it.

There couldn't be a more perfect thing to be in the mood for.

If I were any more up for writing my blog, I would have to soak my head in lactose free milk. (lactose intolerant)

Anyway, although I am in SUCH a writing-my-blog mood, I don't actually have anythiing to write about.

Okay, I've just decided I do.


Didn't do as well as I wanted to, but my parents seemed happy with it.

Music: A
Drama: A
Philosophy & Ethics: A*
English: B
ICT: Pass
Citizenship: E (YESS...except my dad told me off for not getting a G)
Science: C
Additional science: C
Maths: C

That's all.

I got money out of it I got into sixthform

Another topic? I think so


It was really good to spend quality time with my mother.
Especially seeing as all we talked about was me. And Bape.

Wicked was AMAZING. Like amazing. There wouldnt be another word to describe it.
I want to BE Elpheba.

CLOTHES. I got lots of clothes.

Me and Bape have been emailing =]

He's in Bahrain.
What an annoying place for him to be.
In fact, anywhere apart from where I live is an annoying place for him to be.

But SEEMS to be going well...even though he's across the world at the moment. Not coming back til sunday.

When I said it SEEMS to be going well...thats just MY point of view...and remember, my luck with boys is NOT good. Ever. Lets just hope that this time, it turns out good for both of us.

eating now.


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