Thursday, 28 January 2010

I HATE ex-boyfriends and Lions.

Curly and I have become one. <---- Which is something I would say if I was as soppy and pathetic as I used to be.

By 'one', I mean that we are a couple...even on FACEBOOK (it's only official if it's on facebook...).

It happened pretty was last Friday night, we decided we might as well become a couple seeing as there was nothing stopping us and the whole thing was basically inevitable.


He's very sweet (but not too sweet...he doesn't talk about taking me to the moon in a bubble...if he did, I would rip all of his hair out one strand at a time. Then he would no longer be worthy of the name 'Curly')...and good looking...

He came to my house yesterday morning at 8am before college and made me a cooked breakfast.

THAT is commitment.

...The only problem in my life NOW is my ex-boyfriend who i went out with for just under two months in between me and Bape breaking up and getting back together.

When I broke up with him, he seemed to take it very well...yet he still texted me all day every day until about two days ago when I basically told him to BUGGER OFF,

And he STILL texts me...just not as much.

I basically can't go on Facebook chat anymore, for when I do, he talks to me AS SOON as I sign on. Which means that he sits there looking at the list at the side of the page just waiting for me to come online.

That is screwed up.

He told me he loved me, which is ridiculous because we only went out for a very short period of time and only saw each other on weekends...and for some strange reason he seems to think the feeling is mutual; he thinks I love him too.

He has actually turned into one of those psycho ex-boyfriends. He added Curly on facebook and sent him a message saying not to worry and that things wont be awkward between them.

There are many many problems with that. The two most important being that:

1. Curly lives in Oxford (the same city as me) and goes to my college, whereas Ex-Boyfriend (who from here on will be called Lion) lives in Winchester, so they wouldn't exactly be bumping into each it couldn't be awkward.


So Lion is clearly a psycho.

When I first met him, I thought he was a really rational guy. Even though he's spent most of his life at boarding schools, he didn't seem to be at all arrogant.

But lately I've been beginning to realise just how much of an arrogant bastard he is. He keeps trying to flirt with me and trying to get him to have sexual conversations with him like over text or facebook (not since I got this new boyfriend, but while I was back together with Bape he was...and obviously I'd just be like er....F off?. He's not even remotely attractive. And he's always going on about how much he knows about posh wine, and always talks about his 'rich boy' experiences at Bryneston. I just hate how cocky he's been lately.

I do feel quite bad though...I mean at the time I thought I genuinely liked him a lot..but I guess he was just a major rebound.

I haven't actually been horrible to him, but there's only so much comforting that I can do.
I can't keep constantly being nice to him, because I don't want him to think that there's ANY chance of us getting back together. 'cause there REALLY isn't.

Also...something which is quite creepy...he keeps changing his facebook statuses to the kind of thing I change mine black books quotes etc. And I can just tell he's doing loads of things or like changing himself in ways that makes him more like me.

So this means either that he wants to do anything he can to get me back...or he wants to BE me.

Now I sound arrogant...I'm not trying to...this is just GENUINELY what he's been doing.

And he's been talking to one of my friends...and she says that he always finds a way to steer the conversation into talking about me.

I'm just getting a bit freaked out now.

Ugh there's still half an hour left of this free...seriously cannot be bothered to do anything but sit in silence...and I'm so tired today.

OH..and I've had my braces tightened...and they hurt so much =[

Anyway...I think I've killed a sufficient amount of time.

Good Bye.


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