Thursday, 21 January 2010

Hey look!! I'm NOT dead!!

RIGHT well...

Much has changed since I last bored you with cringeworthy nonsense.

1. Me and Bape have since broken up.

2. I messed up my ASs BIG TIME (DDDC)

3. Moved to a school which is actually worthy of the name 'school'...except it's a 6th form not technically a school.

4. I'm retaking my ASs here...(at a place where the education is payed for by the parents, rather than the bloody government).

5. I'm predicted all As here, which is amazing for me.

6. I've started to enjoy working more than being cosmically horned.

7. I got a new boyfriend who I broke up with when Bape came back from uni for xmas hols.

8. Realised we were still in love, so got back together.

9. We broke up the day after he left to go back...not because I don't love him, just simply because LAO having a long distance relationship with someone who doesn't want to marry me, nor do I wish to marry him.

10. Very interested in someone I'm going to refer to as Curly (I've pretty much accepted that I'm the only person who reads this blog, but its very relaxing to write it, so let me call people whatever the hell I want, OKAY?)

Due to my (non-existent) OCD, I'm gonna just stick with 10 life changes...rather than go to 11.

I've started being very much more mature with my life decisions (ie. deciding to move schools instead of retaking where I would end up with possibly even worse grades). So mature, in fact, that I am actually able to refer to myself as more mature than I used to be...which is a start.

This is going to be a fairly short post, as opposed to some of my painfully long posts where I do nothing more than ramble on about my love life...which at the time (this time last year) was very (way too) consistent.

(Plato, however, may argue that erotic relationships cannot be consistant, because they exist in the physical world, rather than the world of the forms) I have no idea what all these philosophical geezers were on when they came up with these proposterous ideas, but I want some! Descartes got all his knowledge and ideas from spending a prolonged time in the oven...although any time in an oven is far longer than than it should be, if you're a human. Ovens, I'll have you know, were not designed for the cooking or 'meditation' rooms of mankind, but rather the cooking of edible substances which would not give you the name 'canibal' if you were to eat them...hmm.

OH SEE?! I'm rambling again, I promised myself i wouldnt.



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MG said...

You're not the only person who reads this blog. Love you baby. XXX