Monday, 1 December 2008

Philisophical Blabber

I'm really enjoying philosophy.

I realised that today when I got really into a discussion about Descartes' cogito and idea about Dualism.

Those of you who don't know, (hopefully not many of you do, because then that would mean I know more than some others =]) 'Cogito ergo Sum' is latin for "I think therefore I am"...which is a statement brought up by some dude called Descartes who wrote a series of 'Meditations'/book kind of thingies, while he was locked in an oven.

Christ knows why he was locked in an oven...something to do with a cold winter...?

If you ask me, the whole oven thing kind of goes hand in hand with some of the phsycotic stuff Descartes came up with...

So yeah....back to the statement "I think therefore I am...".

I'm probably getting most of this wrong by the way, but remember, this blog, as well as being my life TO THE LETTER, is a slightly fictionalised version of my life, which, in my world, means that anything I write here doesn't actually have to be correct. For all you know, everything I'm saying could be a lie...

for all you know, you might not even exist...that's what Descartes said.
Somewhere within his stream of consciousness ('Meditations'), he wrote that we can doubt anything and everything; that we can even doubt our own existence...
but that the very fact that we can even DOUBT our existence...or anything for that matter, proves that we do exist.... in some form....
So, here comes that well known phrase that everyone knows.
The phrase that I mentioned before.
You know, the one that if I were to say it (which I already have, earlier on in this post), many people would think 'oh yeah, I've heard that before')
That one which talks about thinking therefore being.

"I think, therefore I am"

Now isn't that bloody interesting.


Dualism time =]

Dualism then, is the idea that our mind and body can actually be separated, but you would still be the same person...

I think... you were to take your mind (not brain, but mind) out of your body, your mind would be able to live on, as the same person. Descartes also said that "it's possible to imagine oneself without a body...but it is impossible to imagine oneself without a mind" <---- this statement could be seen as partly true i guess....but if you think more into it...what is there to imagine if we don't have a body...nothingness?

Some might agree with the idea of Dualism, (weirdos) and say that 'your mind/personality makes you who you are' sweet.
But some (like me) might disagree and say, "Well, Descartes, nice idea, but it's pretty crap if you really think about it... imagine yourself without your that even possible? If we were just our minds, and not our minds together with our body...then how the hell would we see things in the same way? How on earth would we experience things in the same way? And what happens if we're intoxicated?...surely everyone knows that our mind has an intimate connection to our brain...what happens when we're upset?...WE CRY...and why do we cry?...because of some nonsense that happens in the brain! Didn't think about that one, DID'CHA?"

Yeah, my neck hurts, too much philosophical thinking.

Maybe i'm gonna end up good at philosophy....maybe I can write my own meditations, but I don't think I'd fit in the oven...

Perhaps the fridge?

Nono, I don't think theres even anything more to philosophise (a word?) over anymore....there have been too many people with weird names.

At least I have a normal name.

(just so you know...Moanie Miss Groanie isn't actually my real name, anyone who thought that it was, is an idiot.)

Maybe my mum would find it easier if she were to start writing in the oven, she might get all of her books done by winter the end of winter!

I think I should go now.

Something is wrong.


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MMG


Anonymous said...


I reckon philosophers make up the most stupid things they can and see how many people fall for their crap.

Bape. x x x

...this is probably why I only got a B in philosophy and ethics at GCSE.

Moanie Miss Groanie said...

Great, now I have to kill you, for someone I know, other than my parents, know who I am.

You're the least person I want to kill as well.

Love =]

x x x

MG said...

This not very anonymous any more.

Anonymous said...

All is fair, in love and war.

(I can make up original philosophical statements as well).

I'll kill you first... WITH MY LOVE.

My love = plastic bread knife.

x x x

Anonymous said...

Um... hey MG. I don't really love MMG with a bread knife...

Moanie Miss Groanie said...

Anonymous, we're on the phone now.

There is no need to continue leaving comments.

You can kill me over the phone. =]

x x x

MG said...

Did you know that MMG ACTUALLY stands for Mini-MG?
See, now?

Moanie Miss Groanie said...

I can't tell if your comment is supposed to relate to something...or if it was just completely irrelevant to everything else on this page.

If it wasn't irrelevant, you have a sick mind. Which we already knew...(foil in teeth, selotape on hair...i think you get what i'm saying, mother)


You're supposed to be helping me with my essay! =[

X x x