Wednesday, 10 December 2008


I had my mock psychology exam yesterday...
I spent like 3 evenings revising...and it turned out fine. I didn't struggle...I answered all the questions and I think that there is a problem because I actually seem to have done well?!

Now, we must remember that I'm the sort of person who will say this kind of thing and later find out that I FAILED MISERABLY.

Anyway, that's taken a huge weight off my chest...although, unfortunately there's still an annoyingly heavy weight still there.
And no, shut up, i am not talking about my boobs. I'm talking about the exam I have to revise for through the WHOLE of the Christmas holidays. My ACTUAL psychology exam. Which means revising everything, not just the list of things my teacher told us to revise when she knew exactly what would be on the mock paper.

In fact, I feel like boring you all with a long list of things bothering me in my life at the moment.

1. I've just put a check for £100 in my bank account, and soon after realised that most of it will have to be spent on xmas presents for my family, Oscar AND Bape. How annoying.

2. * **** ******!!!!!! Which I'm so annoyed about that I cannot even physically type it up.

3. I have an exam to revise for.

4. My music teacher keeps not turning up to lessons, which will result in my epic failure.

5. There are going to be total strangers (oscar and his girlfriend) in my house for 9 days of the christmas holidays, and yes, I guess I'm looking forward to seeing Oscar, but I don't think he realises how small our house is, and that it will certainly explode trying to contain 6 people plus Bape, who is usually here...and that makes is 7 people. Oh God.

6. I want more clothes.

7. I feel like I'm failing in life.

The above, just incase you fell asleep as you were reading them and need me to remind you what they were, describes how terrible my life is, and how all of you don't realise how lucky you actually are.

On the brighter side, there are a few ACTUAL good things in my life =0

1. I have a boyfriend, who I love, who loves me. And that's awesome.

2. erm...

3......oh christ my life really is crap isn't it.

Oh well. I'm sure it will get better once i get an A in my psychology AS.....which I wont.

And Bape, no complaining that you weren't mentioned in this post, because that would mean you hadn't ready it properly, which would mean I'd have to hit you.

Love you =]



Anonymous said...

is it AS or A2 psychology exams??
I've got two AS exam in Jan, how long do you reckon i need to revise for them to get A's??

Anonymous said...




Moanie Miss Groanie said...

To anonymous number 1...I'm doing mentioned in my post.

And..erm...well i haven't really started revising yet :S and exam is january 8th...i suggest like 3 weeks of hardcore revision.

But thats just an idiot like me, someone who has no common sense.


And to Bape:

Leave me alone, stop reading my blog :)

love xxxxxx MMG

Anonymous said...


Moanie Miss Groanie said...



Sami said...

hahah awwww